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    Thanks, hadn't seen that thread.

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    I used SMS yesterday with success. I sent messages to e-mails and phone numbers and received replies. I also made a long-distance call to a relative in Florida from my Manhattan apartment, and the reception was fine! So far, so good, Sprint!
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    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    Before the whole migration to MO-SMS started last week, when I would turn wireless on, I would get the little musical jingle and then the Welcome screen would go off and that was it.

    Now, I get the jingle, but right before the Welcome screen goes off (at the same time really), I get a honking type tone for a very brief second. THis tone sounds familaur, I think it's the same one that you hear when you loose a call and you get the pop up with the network lost and have the "Dismis" or "connect" error.

    This new noise seemed to start when the MO-SMS errors started to come in. I wonder if it's a notification that the SMS line is live or something?

    Anyone else notice this honking/dull-beep that I am hearing right before the Welcome screen for Wireless on goes away?

    Thanks, Matt
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    I live in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, I am using a GSM/GPRS version with the 'Vodafone' network (unlocked treo) and was in London last week for a while and oddly enough my phone has now started doing the same beep sounds as you describe when I log in, even without dodgy firmware updates or being on sprint/T Mobile etc...very odd

    my firmware is 02.01
    software: Treeo 600-1.05-INT

    I'm wondering when they are going to release a firmware update for the unlocked treos...

    have you discovered what's causing that noise yet?


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    Martin, Did this start in the past week or so too? Has the Sprint infected all the carriers (just kidding). So is that a coinsidence, or has it always done this and you and I are just now hearing it? I don't think the later, I have a keen ear and pick up on audio stuff very well (it's in my job).
    Thanks for the reply, Matt
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    I had it awhile ago, I changed the preference not to beep when loseing the signal (I think that's the noise) and it stopped... ;-)
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    matt: yes it did last thursday actually and it is definitely new
    I would have heard it before for sure very strange
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    I am a complete dumb arse....

    Right as I read your post, I remembered going into that setting a while back, to just see what it would sound like and I did select "ON".

    I just turned the "Servive tone" to off in the Prefs, under Sounds, phone tones and guess what

    NO MORE HONKING NOISE.....too darn funny...

    I need a plexiotomy in a bad way

    Thanks...little stuff like that bugs me, so now I know...
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    Martin, lets hope that YOU can at least "save face", and it's a real problem. Mine was an issue with "error behind the headset" (see above post)

    Regards, Matt

    THANKS Mahootzki
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    ok so we all make mistakes...
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    your a gentlemen....
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    ...hrmm not working over here.
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    I upgraded to the new firmware and I am able to use SMS. It is about time.
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    Any possibility that the treo 300 will have SMS capabilities? I mean, it was originally intended to do so, and the 300 does have a SMS program.
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