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    This is just an FYI.
    With the new roll out of the MO-SMS and Sprint trying to go live, it's caused soft resets and such (even people not using Treo600SMS, the issue is the SMS itself) as well as Treo600SMS and Veri-Chat (I think) to not work correctl, or at all

    Where you use to use a 10 digit number to send a text, replace it with the 10 Digit number followed with the @carrier

    For example
    To text a Sprint user it use to be
    now use

    Here are the rest, that should work too
    Sprint -
    T-Mobile -
    Verizon -
    Cingular -
    Nextel -
    AT&T -

    Hope this is helpfull and please correct any info that I have down as wrong. Regards, Matt Burkhard

    How to address a message to:

    Another Weblink Wireless Word Device
    An Internet Email Address
    A Word, Advanced Word or 2way Device on another Carrier
    A text-enable cell phone
    Send A Message

    To address a message to a WebLink Wireless 2way Word Device:

    Simply use the 10-digit-phone number. In some 2way devices, the address is called a PIN.

    If a non-WebLink Wireless device wants to send a message to you, your email address is: your


    To address a message to an Internet Email Address:

    Addressing a message to someone's email is no different than the address you would use from your desktop computer. Simply enter the person's address into your 2way device as an email address.

    Wireless Data Carrier Device Email Address

    Ameritech/SBC Paging
    1way =
    2way =

    1way =
    2way = 7 or

    AT&T Wireless Blackberry or SMS = or
    The address(es) are case sensitive and must be in lower case letters.
    Cingular Wireless Blackberry or SMS =
    1way =
    2way =

    2way =

    Nextel Phone =
    1way and 2way =

    Sprint PCS Phone =
    Verizon Wireless Cellular
    Verizon Wireless Messaging 1way =
    2way =
    WebLink Wireless
    1way =
    1.5way/2way =
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    Please move to the SprintPCS/Verizon forum. Sorry, thanks
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    As of this morning, I can send again like I use too, with just the 10digitnumber.
    FYI, I have NOT updated my ROM to version 1.10 yet either.
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    thanks for the info, this is working for me.

    i'm in pittsburgh, pa and updated on 1/28, have not been able to use 10 digit number since then. sadly, everything looks fine on the treo side, like the message is sent, but the recipient never gets it.

    this kinda sucks though, have to know what carrier everyone is on, and you can't tell just from the prefix now that you can switch and keep your number.
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    Treo600SMS by PDA apps was "down" again yesterday. It's up again. When I say down, i mean that you can't use the 10digit number to send (well, it will still send, it's just that no one will get it). You have to use the 10digit@carrier.

    Anyway, it was down again, due to SPrints constant changing of their system while the transistion to MO-SMS. Everytime that Sprint jacks with their system, PDAapps has to compensate. I got another email from them sayitn that all should be good by end of the weekend, if it's not already good.

    I can once again send with only the 10digit nymber as of 1/31/04 in AUstin,Texas

    For what it's worth....
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    Thanks for the info!

    I emailed pdaapps last night and they said the same thing where their treo600sms program is kinda down and they hope to have it working with sprint by the end of the weekend.

    Question: if I add the @carrier doesn't that send an email text message? The some carriers will then charge the recipient a fee for receiving email type messages. I don't know much about these systems and what type of text messaging system Sprint is trying to roll out. All I know is that the system working over in London, England works wonderfully and I assume the rest of Europe as well. Why can't Sprint copy their systems???
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    does anyone understand the architecture behind Sprint's SMS and PDA's Treo600SMS? e.g. i'm assuming "pure" SMS is a phone switch-to-phone switch kind of thing. while Treo600SMS is a treo-via-TCP-to-PDA-server-to-phone switch kind of thing. is this right and does it make sense?

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