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    There seems to be about 5 threads running around with questions about this, lets try to get one with mostly productive answers and quesitons.

    We know Sprint is trying to roll out it's new Mo-SMS and there are issues/problems as they get each step done/closer

    1. Your interface is missing from the site when you log into your account (we knew this)

    2. A lot of Treo600 owners on this network are having a huge increase in Soft Resets that seem to be due to this. Either when an incoming SMS is recieved, you try to enter the SMS app. "Invalid Chunk ptr Memory Mgr.C Line 3760" is a common one for example. (when you use ##377(dial) from the phone app after a soft reset dealing with SMS

    3. People say that they are getting SMS sent to their Treo600 on the OE SMS app, were they use to have to go to the PCS website (they still have to send from the site however)

    4. I notice that the Emoticons are working, and they were not before (perhaps just a glitch in my Treo?).

    5 Treo600SMS from PDA apps seems to no longer have a ability to send with just the 10digit phone number. This is due to changes on SPrints SMS according to someone that emailed PDAapps.

    Who else has useful info?
    Does anyone have emails from PDAapps, Sprint or any other 3 party apps that use Sprints SMS/Short Mail service to work, that addresses this new issue/conflict that they can share with the group?

    Thanks a million!
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    I thought I was going crazy! i've definately seen an increase in the number of resets, about 6 just last night! It was all related to either receiving an SMS or a message with Verichat. my treo usually very reliable (no crashes).

    Also, i've gotten the 'white screen of death' twice yesterday. Had to soft reset to fix...
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    Lets try to stick to the facts.

    NoMoreSprint is seeing issues with Verichat (which uses SMS I assume?)

    It also seems that people that once could text/SMS you from different carriers with just your 10digit number can't anymore too, anyone see this?
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    Found this on
    This person says they are a Sprint Tech..However take it with a grain of salt...
    the sms text messaging system that is due to come up will not be free, at least not without a high end mrc (monthly recurring charge) like a 2000min+ plan. its due to come out within the next couple of weeks, feb at the latest. but only the latest or some of the 2g phones will be able to use it. 5500, vi660, treo 600, toshiba vm4050, nokia 3588i, and the lg 1200(with a software update) are the only compatible devices we currently offer. im not sure about the t608 because that has been cancelled, those of you that have them got lucky. the plans will be priced 5$ for 100sms, and 10$ for unlimited(hmmm, which is more worth it?) the sms system has nothing to do with vision, it will work even if you dont have vision, as long as you can make voice calls (maybe even if you cant). its not free with any carrier. same rules apply as with most other carriers: if you dont have a package, its .10 incoming and outgoing. when the system comes up they will send a broadcast 1way message to everyone compatible (hopefully) to let you know. current customers will have it free for a short period of time. new customers will have the charges immidiately.
    one correction: i just found something else. the unlimited package is $10 only without a vision package. it will be $5 with a vision package. that sounds a lot better. also, it will be reverse compatible with shortmail, so you that dont have the above listed phones will still have shortmail (and even you that do have those phones still have shortmail) and you will still be able to send/receive from sms compatible phones. sms will come in as shortmail and visa versa.
    if you havent already noticed but the view/compose page for shortmail/1way text in your manage page at is currently down. it will be until they release the sms system. you can still go to the guest 1way text through the homepage.
    Not trying to propagate spam/BS, but the info seems it may have something ligit to it?
    Of course we will really never know TILL IT HAPPENS...
    Things always cahnge with SPrint it seems
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    When you are done with the SMS app, don't leave the Treo600 in that app,go somewhere else (ie Phone app or App Launcher (house icon)). In othe words, when done with SMS, don't just power the phone off or set it down. Select something else first.

    I have had a couple incoming calls pop up and before I can answer, the phone does a soft reset and when I hit ##377, it's a SMS app that caused the crash. In most cases I remember using the SMS app last and not going "exiting" afterwards (not that you have to do this normaly). This is also a new behavoir since the new MO-SMS (will now refer to it as POS-SMS) roll out

    Just my 2-cents, perhaps it may help someone? Matt
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    I had a Vison Specialist on the grill a few days ago, who confidently (and believably) assured me that the rollout is to be on Feb 1. She also said that the unlimited Vision plans do include unlimited messaging, as it is based on the Vision system.

    Take it as you may, she really didn't sound remotely as clueless as the person who sent me to her...
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    Let's hope that's true.
    The new Mo-SMS will not need Vison to work though, correct? If I understand correctly, if will use a data stream on the voice side (like the voice mail communicates) not the Vision side. Kinda like how voice mail works now, you get the Icon pop up, even with Vision off. WHen you listen to them, the icon goes away, even with Vision off (i'm 98% sure)

    Time will tell....thanks
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    Yeah, I don't think the SMS will be based on Vision at all. Since about a week ago when Sprint started the upgrade, you can receive SMS messages (not send them yet, of course) and you don't need Vision enabled to do so.
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    In your short list of compatible phones, you did not mention the Treo300. Do we know if it will be compatible? There are still some T300 owners out there and it STILL one of the best devices made...
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    If they're going to charge $5 or $10 a month for unlimited SMS, it seems we were better off with treo600sms since it's only $24.95 flat rate for the software and it's unlimited SMS all year round since it uses shortmail. $5/ month is $60 a yr. If it's $10/ months its $120 a yr.
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    We're still not sure if Treo600SMS will continue to work once Sprint's MO-SMS is up and running.
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    No we don't, but I did get an email form PDAapps and they said they are on it and will let us know. THre are two apps that are affected they said, I assume they mean treo600SMS and Verichat, but perhaps they menat treo600SMS and Treo300SMS. I don't know for sure if Vericaht uses the SMS service?

    Anyway, I bet it will work. they will think of something. I have faith in them. Man between this and trying to give TreoAlrtMager LED functions, their plate is probably pretty darn full...

    link to anthoer post I did about using the Shortmail addys to get the PDAapps Treo600SMS to work.

    Also, that was not my short list, some guy who claims to be a SprintPCS tech from
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    I found this article saying that Shortmail and SMS will be offered as choices for Sprint users. If this is the case I'd rather stick with shortmail and use treo600sms since it's cheaper overall.

    "Stevens said all of Sprintís future phones would support the new messaging service. She said Sprint would continue to offer its browser-based messaging service alongside its new text messaging service, and users would be able to choose between the two. "
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    im getting a soft reset when I receive picture mail but everything is ok when I receive sms. my blazer also starts right up now instead of having to wait 20-30 secs.weird.
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    AZNMode, I'm w/ you, if they want $$$, It's treo600SMS all the way....
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    I can once again send with the 10digit number again. This started last night. As many of you know, for a while we lost that feature and could only send using the
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    Looks as if a tracking feature is added.
    I tried it, and it seems to work (tracking).
    Reagrds, Matt
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    I've noticed that my SMS messages are making it to other Sprint phones but not to Verizon phones.
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    yea, that started today and also the 10digit send from Treo600SMS is down agian due to that. Notice their site now says to a SPrintPCS phone...DANG, they are making this a royal pain!!!!!
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    The CSR claims a email sent out says SMS IN MARCH. WTF?!?
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