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    i tried to ask this in several SMS posts today and can't seem to get an answer.
    In the past, if I try to use an Emoticon in a SMS, it just comes thru as test (ie. :) is shown as :) ) but now, :) shows the real emoticon smile face and such.

    Anyone notice this?
    I think it's a sign that the Mo-SMS is getting closer?

    Any one...Buler......Buler....
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    Does no one else use Emoticons?
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    Sure enough, received sms wid emoticons. It did show the smilie instead of symbols. Working for me.
    I was born smart, Education ruined me.
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    They all work except for the sick face :-&
    that one casues issues if sent with other (at least for me).
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    Jus checked, the sick smilie works on my Treo via sms :-&

    Jus reporting...hehe
    I was born smart, Education ruined me.

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