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    Someone sent me an sms message today and it did not come in through the shortmail message that it usually comes in. I tried to reply but it said that the service is not available yet. I thought that it was maybe a mobile message from msn messenger so i had someone else tried it and it too came in as an sms, not through shortmail. guess that it will be available pretty soon.

    I did a search before posting this. weird that i am the first one to notice this.
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    The phone receives the message as if it were MO-SMS (as Sprint calls it), but since the MO-SMS service is not up and running, you need to go to the web and use short mail to reply to it. This is what we're all waiting for... the day we don't have to do that.

    - Mike
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    Im hoping they keep the capabilities for viewin and sending online.... I was just writing a long Shortmail(the other person is not a PCS user) and someone called in and I had to do it over. When someone messages me and im at my desk its so much easier to read it online ...but we'll see what happens...

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