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    I just found that once again Sprint has cheated me on my phone bill. On January 7 I wrote a check for my phone bill to Sprint $150.
    They claim they posted on the 13th and my date was the 12th. So I am one day late and they would not waive the late fee on a phone inquiry.

    So I looked at the bank processed check and saw that it cleared on the 13th and was stamped by my bank on the 13th. So these bandits had it on the 12th!!!!! at a minimum and decided to cheat me. And they are lying about it on the phone!!!!!!
    I have been a Sprint customer for about 10 years and have NEVER missed a payment (or to anyone for that matter) by a cycle.

    So I would like to hear all other similar bandit stories so that the Sprint managament can hear that they have been caught stealing.

    Note that on January 14th my cycle was ended. I have not received the bill yet (it is on the web). So tomorrow it probably arrives, 7 days into my payment period. It is due Feb 10 th and if it takes 6 days, then that is February 4th or 13 days in which to process this and cut the check. Rather tight, No?
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    I just pay online with a credit card, and I never have any issues.
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    i always use automatic credit card payment.

    But if you do, be careful. If for some reason the payment doens't go through, like you recently changed your billing address, then the payment won't go through and sprint won't tell you. They carry your balance to the next month and assume you forgot to pay.
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