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    I'm wondering if I'm missing something and I thought I'd post this before I calling Sprint. I signed up for a 2-year contract in December after seeing all those TV ads about the unlimited evenings starting at 7pm and ending at 7am. So I took the bait and the people over at Best Buy said that it'll cost another $5 a month for that feature. I say OK, maybe I misunderstood, and went along with it. So I just saw another one of those ads on TV and and the only stipulation I see is the 2-year commitment, and nothing about the 5 bucks. Is anyone out there getting it for nothing?
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    I have to pay $5, believe that's just the way it is...
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    $5 bucks here too, is it in the fine print on the commercial perhaps?
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    i got the 2000 minute plan so i got to pay 10 bucks for night and weekend and five bucks for 7pm.

    but it is still cheaper than their current plan for 100 dollars. the 7pm would be an additional 5 bucks they said.
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    I just find the TV ads very deceiving. I'm surprised that consumer groups haven't complained.
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    ..I can't figure out what the big deal is with this whole 7:00 thing. Are there that many people who make calls between 7 and 9?? Must be.. .
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    I live in South Bend, IN as I go to Notre Dame and I called *2 and they told me its 10 dollars for 7pm here. I think its unfair its 5 dollars like everywhere but here.
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    Originally posted by Minsc
    ..I can't figure out what the big deal is with this whole 7:00 thing. Are there that many people who make calls between 7 and 9?? Must be.. .
    Yes! I do wish it were 6:00, but I make most of my long distance and regular calls between 7 & 8. By the time 8:00 rolls around, I don't want to be on the phone, I want to think about bed!
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    I think it only comes free with the 1000 minute shared plan for $50, the one that they are pluging with the promo. Other then that, you have to pay$5 I think.


    They say "Available on any new PCS Service Plan, including our best value plan", that would make one (at least me) think that anyone that gets a new plan now, gets the 7-7 deal. Well I guess the mean that is avaliable and when they say avaialable, they mean it's available and that is that. Inother words, yes it's available, but it's $5... Well no duh... if that's the case, then why not just say this option comes standard with the 1000 shared and is avialable on other new plans too.

    To me
    "Available on any new PCS Service Plan, including our best value plan:" is a lot different then " this options comes standard on the 1000 shared and is available on other new plans too"

    Becasue them saying that "Available on any new PCS Service Plan, including our best value plan:" means to me. that you can't get it on old plans. Which you what's the deal... I don't like it anymore then you....

    Use your minutes when you want to use them with unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes, now with Night Minutes starting at 7 pm. That's an extra two hours per weeknight, or at least 2400 more minutes each month!
    Available on any new PCS Service Plan, including our best value plan:
    PCS Free & Clear Area-wide Plan
    Share 1000 Anytime Minutes between two PCS Phones for $50 a month, when you take advantage of our FREE PCS Add-a-PhoneSM offer. After three months, pay just $70 a month. (other monthly charges apply; see below**).
    Use your minutes to call to anywhere in the U.S. from anywhere in your extended coverage area while on the enhanced Sprint Nationwide PCS Network. You'll also enjoy these great benefits:
    Unlimited Night & Weekend Minutes with Night Minutes starting at 7 pm
    Unlimited PCS to PCS CallingSM - make or receive calls between PCS Phones
    Nationwide Long Distance included - every minute, every day
    FREE PCS Add-a-PhoneSM
    For a limited time, add up to four additional lines to your account free for the first three months. After three months, pay $20 a month for each line added. Offer available on a PCS Free & Clear Plan with 500 minutes or more. Requires activation of a new line of service with preferred credit.
    Existing Customers
    Existing PCS Customers can add 7pm start times for their Night Minutes for an additional monthly charge - the same charge that new customers will pay for this option. This offer is available with:
    Any existing PCS Service Plan with Night & Weekend Minutes
    A two-year PCS Advantage Agreement
    Price and availability varies by market. Call *2 from your PCS Phone for details
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    I just watched the commercial from the PCS website again, it's even more vegue on the commercial...
    Misleading in my opinion..
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    I get 3500 shared minutes between 3 phones with Vision on two of the three phones. We have nights and weekends for all three phones that start at 7pm for the weeknights. The total bill w/tax is around $170. That's pretty damn good compared to my previous carrier (Nextel) and I don't have to do the walkie talkie crap. My wife and I are very happy being able to talk and not have to use that dreaded Nextel button. This is not all perfect though, we both get dropped several times a week and several other bad areas impact our calls. But, like I've said since my first cell phone in 1991 - all cell phones suck and all cell companies suck. If anyone really thinks one company is a lot better than another, they're wrong.

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