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    I just spoke with a CSR that practically offered up her first-born if SMS is not activated on JAN 24th.

    She said it will be part of our vision package and we will all get a text notifying us that it is up and running.

    I hope she's right or i will have a 14 yr to take care of.
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    That's funny. A Sprint Representative sent me an email saying that it would be available on January 18th. He also said that with vision you get 100 messages free per month (which includes both sending and receiving). He then stated that it would be $5.00 per month for unlimited. I was hoping that it would be unlimited with Vision being that they are going to take away Shortmail once SMS is up and running.

    I've also learned not to count on what they say too much because last month they promised me it would be out before the year was up.
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    Who says short mail will be taken away?
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    It was said that once SMS rolls out that after that the Shortmail link on the Vision page would be removed from SMS capable phones.
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    I assume this was for the first lauch date (that was missed of course), I assume that it will still applyu. Just says that it will not be avialble from your account login on the way I read it

    For Your Information
    After January 4, when someone sends you a text message (a One-Way Message or a Short Mail), you must use your Sprint Phone to view it (you won't be able to view it here on this website). Of course, you can continue to compose and send text messages from this website or from your Sprint Phone (some older phones cannot send messages).
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    I was told by a CSR at Sprint yesterday that if you have a Sprint PCS phone that has 2-way SMS communication and Vision prior to the relase of the new SMS service that we would be grandfathered in with "unlimited" usage at no addtional monthly charges.

    Only catch was if you changed your minute plan before it expired than you lose it.

    Any one else hear that?
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    yes, but then again,you know how to tell when a CSR/salesperson is lying...their mouth is moving....

    I heard that from several people, with telecom, I wait till I see it with my own two eyes first.

    I have had people sware up and down and then be wrong.

    But yes, i hear this rumor quite a bit..

    Lets hope....
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    well it looks like I'll have another mouth to feed. In trying to get my new Treo 600 provisioned for the last three days, i must have spoken to like 5 reps. I asked them all about SMS and the most knowledgeable of the group said end of Feb.

    Get this however, apparently the reason for my delay in provisioning is because Sprint ran a promotion in some states giving away free phone if you signed up for SMS and they apparently sold 500,000 over the last couple of days. So because they are provisioning those phones as well as there normal schedule the system is incredible backed up.
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    i had to speak to a tech rep, two in fact, and both of them seemed surprised at the idea that it would be any other date than 26 jan.

    i do hope it's true.
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    can you beleive i was told 6-8 months?!!
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    I couldn't believe it but it looks like this morning I'm starting to get one way SMS messages on my T600, here in the Los Angeles area. Up to this point my text messages always say "unknown" and I have to follow the links to the shortmail (which take about 10-15 secs), but this morning I got a msg with the sender's name and the message within a chat thread! But when I tried to respond, i got the error message saying "Message not delivered because service is not available yet." Anyone else getting that yet?
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    I noticed that there are some extensive threads about SMS on this board...
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    Just noticed I'm receiving SMS's directly to the built in SMS app now. But can't send yet. Must be close. I'm in Dallas.
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    In Dallas, receiving 1 way SMS...I'm getting text saying "(it contains an unmatchd group indicator)" next to the sender's name. I don't know what this means. Still can't send anything as of yet.
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    I'm also receiving one-way SMS directly to my phone now, instead of to Shortmail.

    Now if they'll just get the sending part down...
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    Ok - just got one here.. Suprised the heck out of me. Opened right up and tried to reply - nogo. But it did come right in.. It's even more of a pain to use now, because to reply I have to logon to the web, and can't hit reply!
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    I received my first SMS on the Sprint T600 on 10/20/03. Receiving messages into the SMS app has been available since Day-1. It is the outgoing SMS that wasn't and still isn't available. But we all know it will be available on Jan4-Jan18-Jan24-Jan26-Feb2-July1, right?
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    According to the web site:

    "The Text Messaging website is unavailable while we upgrade your text messaging service. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    During the upgrade period ending February 3rd, you may send messages from
    the One-Way Text Messaging website. You may also continue to send Short Mail from any data-capable PCS Phone."


    I noticed my short mail quit working this week. That short mail site is ronresponsive on my Treo 600.

    The phone conversation with the Sprint Rep. indicated that Short Mail will not work until the new messaging is turned on on Feb 3.

    Let's hope this is not another date in the sand.
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    Here in Kansas City, it seems to work. I sent myself a test SMS and it came back (and I did't get an error message!)

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    I'm moving to Kansas City
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