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    I know there have been numerous defects amongst early adopters of the Treo 600. How many of you have received Treo 600 reburbished phones & what store, state, city, etc. I am awaiting the refurbs of Treo 600 to become available so I can finally get it through warranty. But the Sprint guy at my local store said it's not on their "list" yet. Meaning the Treo 600 is still so new that they haven't even gotten any refurbs yet? Has anyone heard when the Treo 600 will be available? Also where do these refurbs come from? Is there some main warehouse that has all refurbs that I could contact directly to verify this? I need to take matters in my own hands. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    There have been posts of people reporting that they got a new treo 600 via warranty. Why wouldn't you just get a new one via warranty?
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    I got a refurb today from Sprint. They said that they were out of stock all week and then suddenly they found one to ship to me. I think I am going to write a letter inquiring why I got a refurb replacement for a Treo 600 that was in use less than 90 days.
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    Not only did sprint send me a refurb, it was a Rev B. I bought a Rev<
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    When did you put in a request for a replacment? And was it through the Handspring warranty or your Sprint PCS Insurance coverage?

    Also, what was the problem with it?
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    Originally posted by jfmcdowell357
    Not only did sprint send me a refurb, it was a Rev B. I bought a Rev<
    Did you put in a request & then they sent you a refurb when they received it? or did you just take your phone in & they sent you a refurb right away? did you request over the phone or through sprint store? where are you located & what store helped you if it was in fact through a store? thanx!!
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    Went to a nearby Sprint store here in San Jose a week ago and asked for a replacement because the back speaker of my T600 died on me (all sounds came out distorted). The CSR did some work on the computer and then told me that my replacement order has been processed and it should arrive at my house in a week. A week has passed and my new (but refurbished) T600 arrived today. I previously had Rev B and now I got a Rev C.

    Tomorrow I'll be going to the Sprint store to turn in my old T600 and activate my new one.
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    Well for me I took it into the store because of the network search problem. They ran a diagnostic on it and it failed. So they put in for a replacement under the original warranty. So they sent a request to their warehouse and two days later a refurb appeared. I did not have to use the Lockline service that I pay for.
    Sprint and Handspring would not replace over the phone for me. This has all taken place in Tallahassee, FL
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