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    Hello all-

    I'm currently looking into getting a Treo 600 to replace my Samsung n400 (the bad experiences I've had with this phone are truly for the books).

    As I've only had my n400 for about a year, I'm not eligible for Sprint's upgrade plan (18 months). But after calling Sprint, a representative suggested this:

    As I was qualified for a second line on my account, I was told to purchase the T600 for the best price I could find with a new plan and then swap phones once I received the T600. I could either choose to deactivate the new line (with the old phone) at that point, or put it on the lowest plan possible ($150 cancellation fee vs. $240 minimum plan).

    There's probably more to this than I initially see (come to think, I always remember the $36) activation fee - and it may work out to be the same as if I switched to another provider offering a discount (TMobile with their $400 offer). I have no loyalty to Sprint (does anyone?) so I may wind up going down that path regardless.

    Has anyone tried the two-line and then switch phones route?
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    Your new line will most likely be under contract if you get a good deal on the phone. As long as you take into consideration the $150 cancellation fee in the total cost of your phone, you might be able to get a cheaper deal than paying full price.

    Also, keep in mind that Sprint will need an unused ESN to switch numbers between your phones. When I did this, I tried to have it done at the Sprint store and believe it or not, they claimed to have no unused ESN's and wouldn't do the switch. I had to call Sprint 3 times before I could find a CSR that said she had an available ESN to do the switch.
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    I had a very old Sprint contract, but had bought a new phone on that contract within the last 2 years, so I didn't qualify for Sprint's $150 discount.

    The guy at the store (bless his heart!) gave me this suggestion, which a few folks at a few other stores didn't tell me:
    1) Buy the Treo 600 as an add-a-phone to my existing account, which somehow made me eligible for the $150 instant Sprint discount
    2) Wait one week
    3) Do a phone # swap from my old phone to my new phone, and make sure that the phone # that is now on my new phone is set to the primary # on the account.
    4) Drop any old unused #s from the account

    Back in November they were running a special offer that waived my $36 activation fee and the first 2 months of add-a-phone for any new phone added to a plan - so that was gravy.

    And it worked perfectly!
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    Thanks for responses, guys.

    Yes, Eric - that's sounds exactly like what the Sprint CSR suggested to me. I'll give it a go once I receive my Treo 600 (just ordered it from Amazon yesterday).

    Thanks again!

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