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    I am currently with Verizon Wireless, but want to move to Sprint and get the Treo 600.

    Are there any Sprint users in the NYC, and more importantly Westchester area, that can let me know if they are happy with the signal north of the city???

    I know that in NYC the signal is excellent and you can even use the Treo 600 voice and data in Grand Central Terminal. However, when I had Sprint years ago and moved up to Westchester, the signal was VERY poor and I want to know what improvements have been made.

    Any feedback would be appreciated. I am dying to get the Treo and get out of my two device setup (Clie UX50 and Motorola v60).


    Jeff NYC
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    Hey there. I live in Pleasantville and find Sprint's coverage to be excellent. I've had Verizon before and feel Sprint's coverage is equally as good. I travel all over the county and find I almost always get a good signal. I can't even remember the last time my phone said "no service."
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    Sprint's service in the five boroughs is fine, basically as good as any other carrier's service. I've found it to be less that fantastic in Westchest (around Larchmont), mostly when driving and (I guess) switching from cell to cell. Basically, north of the city Sprint's service just seems patchy. There were times in Scarsdale where I had no signal at all.

    It's worth pointing out that I have digital roaming turned off. If you switch to Sprint, one of the "free and clear" plan thingers (or whatever they call it) might be the right idea. (This is, I believe, service where you're already set for roaming usage.)

    ...Hm, this post will probably just add to the confusion. Sorry.
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    I live in Atlanta, but grew up in Sleepy Hollow. I still visit several times a year and have found that over the past 3 years Sprint's coverage has improved dramatically in that area. In the past I have had trouble at my parents house, but the last year has been just fine.
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    Hi, I lived in nyc for 38 years and now live in fla. When ever I go back to ny, Long Island or upstate ny my coverage has been great. Take care, jay
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    Hi All:

    Thank you very much for the replies. I have also heard almost all positive responses about Sprint's Westchester coverage and am fairly confident it will be up to par.

    Verizon's service is excellent and my only complaints about them are cost and equip selection. When you are talking about cell phone providers and service isn't a complaint, you really have to be pleased. However, cost and equip are really starting to come into play as they don't offer the Treo. When comparing apples to apples on Verizon versus Sprint plans that include roaming and data- Verizon is literally about $80 more per month when including add a phones, roaming and unlimited data. The annual savings is greater than the cost of the two Treos for my wife and I.

    I will probably go to Sprint and get a basic phone for the 14 day trial and test it out in as many locations as possible. I will retrun either way and if we make the move, just port over our numbers.

    If Verizon would just offer a Treo 600...

    Thanks again...
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    My Sprint PCS service with Vision was just turned on today for my Treo 600 and so far so good. The little I've had to deal with customer service has been very pleasant. Calls go through and they are clear enough. I tried calling from my office in Midtown and the call was clear (I should preface that with the fact that I sit next to a window and on the 17th floor.) Browsing the Web has been easy, too. My question is: Do I need Blazer when I already have Vision to surf the Web?
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    I've been a sprint customer for about 6 years and it started out pretty crappy and, I believe it is one of the best ... second only to verizon..If thatseven that case anymore.. I also live in one of those dead zones and I never really have a problem.
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    FYI, you can also get the Treo 600 on T-Mobile. I have my Treo 180g on TMo and get fine reception in White Plains. Also, TMo is GSM, so if you travel outside the country, you'll have a phone that works there too.

    If you want to put your phone to a test, try it on the Bronx River Parkway between Scarsdale and White Plains.... huge dead zone for many people. Curious as to whether Verizon or Sprint phones get reception there.

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