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    I converted my phone to verizon and resently started having some problems. After receiving multiplle SMS Messages the phone either hangs or reboots. Is anyone else suffering these problems after the verizon conversion? Possible compatibilities issues? Or do I have a lemon?

    Any tools to see what is crashing?

    Background info

    Hard reseted.
    NO third party apps!
    only contacts,tasks, and datebook data
    NO SD card installed

    Any sugguestions?

    I have been using the AIM SMS on verizon. Everytime a chat thread is created in the sms application, it will cause a hang when I go into the app or try to exit. I must reset it twice inorder for it come back.

    Update 2:

    I received a new phone today. Still the same problems. I guess it is a problem with the SMS software.
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