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    Anyone in the test-bed cities seen any evidence of progress yet?


    Bob Duckworth
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    what are the test cities?

    I'm in Los Angeles and still nothing.
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    Nothing here either
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    nothing in NYC....
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    I can't remember the list of cities. Seems like San Diego was possibly one of them.

    Bob Duckworth
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    Nothing yet in the San Francisco bay area, 11:22 PM PST
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    There is a helpful thread on this subject over on the howardforums site - look in the Sprint section. That site isn't PDA-friendly and I cannot remember the exact link. Basically the test rollout has slipped and only three markets are turned on so far: Columbus OH, Columbia MO and one other that I cannot remember at the moment. None of the pilot cities turned on to date were major markets....

    Written on a Treo 6

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