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    Hi all,

    When I renewed sprint told me they would be giving me a $250 credit for renewing, which was on top of the $400 credit I got for returning my less than 1 year old treo 300 toward a treo 600.

    When I called about the $250 renewal credit, of which I learned about here, they told me it would take a few weeks or months to show up. Nothing has happened yet.

    When I called into Sprint todat 01/12/2004, no one new anything about it.

    Therefore, I am posting here to see if anyone else got their $250 newewal credit.

    I will then pass the info onto Sprint.

    Thanks a million, take care, Jay
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    I got a $150 renewal credit, and a credit for returning my T300, though nothing near $400... So you got your T600 for free, essentially, and probably then some.

    - Mike

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