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    If you are getting a weak phone signal strength and callers claim that you are cutting out on them and vice versa, here is a fix you can try.

    Our Roaming Tower lists need to be updated into our Treo600's to keep them fresh and of course up to date.

    To do this turn on the wireless service and go to the dial pad.

    punch in: *2 and hit dial

    This will connect you to the Sprint update service which will automatically update the Roaming Tower List into your Treo600.

    NOTE: If your Treo600 is already up to date with the list then you will be connected to the regular Sprint automated help desk and you will not get the automatic update !!!!!!

    When it says that it is done updating your Treo600, hang up and then do a soft reboot.

    When the Treo600 comes back on, turn the wireless service back on and go to the dial pad again.

    punch in: *18 and hit dial

    This will manually force the Treo600 to connect to the strongest updated Tower in your updated list.

    Now look at your signal meter at the top right corner of your screen and be AMAZED !!!!!!!!

    I went from 1 signal bar to 4 signal bars after doing this update and manual tower search.

    HOORAY !!! Thanks to Sprint Technician Sven, you're a life saver!

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for reading and see you out there.

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    *18? are you sure. didnt do anything on my phone.

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    What PRL Version do you have now? Mine is 10020 (Go to the dial pad and enter ##786 and then hit Dial to check)
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    My Sprint prl is 10021 and it's at least 3 months old so there could possibly be a later one.
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    Hmm, mine is still stuck at 10020. *2 doesn't seem to update anything, it just brings me to customer support. Is there some other way to update the PRL with Sprint?
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    call *2 and tell the csr you want to update your prl over the air and they will set you up. Just follow their directions. I am not aware of a procedure you can do on your own.
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    My PRL is 10021. I haven't updated for a month.
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    I would think this sort of thing updates itself?

    Originally posted by Blue Merlin
    My PRL is 10021. I haven't updated for a month.
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    Just updated my PRL today. It was at 10020, now it's 10021. I know some areas where I usually get a weak signal, so I'll test those areas out and see how much of a difference this PRL update makes.

    Thanks for the info!
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    Considering newtreouser's post, it seems the 10021 PRL is at least 3 months old. I'm curious as to how often Sprint updates the PRL.
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    10021 Released October 25, 2003.
    -Initial reports show that more CDMA digital roaming is available with this PrL.

    10020 Released August 20, 2003
    10018 Released March, 2003.
    10019 Released April, 2003.
    These two PRL's had many changes across the nation. Generally, with the introduction of Sprint's "Free & Clear America" plans, there has mostly been re-alignment as to which of the A or B cellular-band carriers are preferred for roaming. In most cases, no additional digital roaming has been added. However, if a non-CDMA carrier like AT&T was lowered in priority, and a CDMA carrier like Verizon was raised in priority, there would be a greater chance of digital roaming, with the reverse also being true.

    10014 Released in 2001.
    10015 Released in late 2001
    10017* Released November, 2002.
    *What's changed in Sprint PCS PRL 10017:
    Based on user observations, 10017 gives quicker access to (more channels in more) towers in the following markets:
    - Winchester, VA
    - Clarksburg, WV
    - Charleston, WV
    - Charlottesville, VA
    - Roanoke, VA
    - Alamogordo, NM
    - Harrisburg, MS
    - Durango, CO
    There were no changes in U.S. roaming partners. There were additions of international roaming partners, but are not active, yet.

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    Thanks Cash70.

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