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    I bought a Treo 600 in November. I love the phone and Sprint has been pretty good to me in the past.

    I started with the "Network Search" issue that several others have reported. I spoke to a guy at Sprint who said they'd ship me another phone. So far so good.

    A week or so has gone by, so I call to check the status. The lady (Carol) tells me that it wasn't shipped and there was a note on the file that it wasn't ordered because I didn't pay up front. I explained that I had a new, dead phone. She told me they don't ship phones out, but I can either send the dead phone in and they'll then send me one (meaning I'm without the Palm functions for a couple of weeks) or I can pay for a new one and then ship the dead one back (meanwhile I'm paying $1000 for one phone).

    I ask what I think is a logical question: can I be assured that they'll credit my account? She responds that she isn't sure, she can only request it and they may not pay me for it.

    She says the better bet is to go to a retailer and switch phones. Together we call the area retailers, all of whom are out of phones. I'm trying to explain that I bought it from Sprint over the phone, they are selling new ones over the phone, it stands to reason they have one to send me.

    I'm on the phone for her for 2 hours all told, during which time she won't at all give me any assurances that I'll ever get reimbursed for a month-old $500 paperweight.

    Finally I ask for her supervisor, who says: "I don't know why she wouldn't just send you a replacement, we do it all the time". She's sending me a new one with a box to send back the original. Hopefully a happy ending.
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    same thing happen to me except. I send back the original and didnt recieve the replacement untill 3 weeks later.

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