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    ok, I'm confused. what is all the excitement about sms service coming from sprint?? I just signed up with sprint a little over a week ago when I bought the treo 600 so I'm not real familiar with how they work. now I realize that sprint's "messaging" uses short mail. I have a friend that has some samsung flip phone and when I used to "text" him, he got some little indicator that he had short mail and had to log onto the web to retrieve it, bummer. it didn't pop right up on his screen like you see on most gsm phones.

    but when I got the treo, there is an sms app built-in. I admit, I don't use sms much, but I do have sms stock alerts sent to the treo from yahoo. after seeing how my friend's flip phone worked with sms on sprint I was surprised that the sms's from yahoo pop right up, I don't have to log into any "vision" sites to view it. so I guess what I'm asking is what the heck is the difference?? and whatever that difference is, will I need software to load on the treo to take advantage of any new features?? will treohelper still work in triggering snappermail to fetch my pop accounts??
    -- berto
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    Go to this site..

    Buy and install "Treo600SMS".

    When someone sends you a message it will pop up on the screen.
    This company uses an automated way of making shortmails appear as actually text messages. You can even respond to emails using the SMS interface. Just make sure you send a message using someone's email address first. This assures that when they email you... they will have the your correct address and you will receive it on your SMS screen and not receive a shortmail notice that you have a email waiting in shortmail.

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    hmmm, that was my point. out of the box, my treo DOES pop up my yahoo sms alerts right on my screen already. this is w/o any added sms software. after playing around with it a little more I think I answered my own question. the SENDING part of the sms app to another mobile phone just pops up a dialog box that the "service will be available soon." and directs you to shortmail. I guess now I know what all the fuss is about, thanx for your reply!!
    -- berto
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    NO problem. I just could not wait for SPrint to join the rest of the SMS planet. I went on and paid the 20 bucks to PDAAPPS. I've have their SMS software since I first bought the Treo 300. Well worth the investment!!!

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    Here's some basic information about SMS, Short Mail, and the differences. Basically, Treo600SMS automates the Short Mail process, but it still has many of the same problems as using traditional Short Mail. After reading this, you should see why SMS is such an improvement:
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    I've been a customer service rep for Sprint for 2 1/2 years now. (i'm putting myself thru college) I would have to agree with what some previous users have said about how Sprint C.S. can suck. Coming from the inside, just let me tell you how much worse it used to be! After Sprint fired the CEO last summer, they changed a lot of stuff and things have gotten a ton better.

    As to the matter at hand, I can tell you that the LG 1200 is going to be eventually upgradable to SMS ( when exactly, even I don't know) but it was reported on our work news system, so it's a sure bet now. It will not be long before the compatible phones mentioned will have SMS because the trial plan has already been placed on everyone's account that has a compatible phone ( Nokia 3588i, TREO etc etc) so it can't be much longer.

    I was really dissapointed when i switched from verizon to Sprint ( the employee discount was too nice to pass up) and found that my old 20 $ Motorola from verizon had SMS, and my shiny new Sanyo 8100 did not ( my fault, should have checked) at any rate, it's about time that PCS did something about the SMS situation, going online to get shortmail, is the biggest pain in the ****. I can't afford a new phone right now, but as soon as I can, I am going to upgrade to something that has SMS. hopefully sprint will come out with a bunch of SMS capable phones ASAP. it is by far the biggest gripe I have with my service, everything else is great.

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