I purchased my Treo 600 along with two other phones and a Sprint service contract back on December 7th. Daughter's phone was assigned a new number and working immediately. Wife's phone had number ported from Nextel cell phone, took about a week, no problems. My Treo 600...Well, I wanted our home land line phone number (which is a custom number) ported from Verizon and it has been a *month* and I'm still waiting. (Oh, And my home phone has been disconnected!)

I can not tell you how many hours I've spent on hold and talking with Sprint support trying to determine the reason the Verizon port request was timing out.

Finally, I thought I had made a breakthrough when I called the day after Christmas and spoke to the "tier 2" support group. They teleconferenced in a Sprint technical person and Verizon. They told me they have my number and it is in the Sprint system and it just needs to go through a billing cycle before it will be activated 24 to 48 hours. A week later, it was still not activated.

I called back this past Saturday morning asked to be connect to the tier 2 support group again and was told they are no longer able to transfer people to tier 2. I said it has been a month since I bought the phone and asked to speak with a manager.

The manager said tier 2 was handled by an outside company that was doing the support for several carriers and they have discontinued inbound lines because the average wait time had grown to two hours. I told her yes I had first hand experience of that. Anyway, she told me the problem was with Verizon not releasing the number to NPAC (? the agency that controls the allocation of phone numbers.) She said Sprint had last tried to send the port request to Verizon on the 27th but got no response. (The 27th would have been the day after I talked to tier 2 and they told me they had gotten the number in to Sprints system). I asked what my options were since I could no longer speak with the tier 2 support and she said I just have to wait.

When I asked to cancel my account she said I would be charged a $150 fee for canceling the two working phones. I don't want to cancel, I just want my new phone to work with my old land number as I was promised.

I asked if I could have a new number until the port goes through and she said yes, she could do that. Hmmm, I could have been saved a lot of aggravation if that were presented to me as an option about two weeks ago. So she set me up with a new temporary number for my phone, I tried to convey that it is still a must that I have my original land line number ported over, and she said she would make a notation in my account and leave the port request open.

Later that day after making a few calls to give folks my new temporary number, and re-telling this story way too many times, my parents told me last time they tried calling my home number they got an out of service message. This was news to me, since last time I called the number myself, I got no message at all, just a disconnect hang up. So I called my old home number myself and I get a message that "The PCS telephone number you dialed is temporarily not in service". So if Sprint is claiming that Verizon has not transferred the number to them, how come the message states it is a PCS number? I wish I had known this while I was talking to the sprint manager.

Anyway, now I am at the end of my rope. Of course if they keep pinging Verizon to release the number, they are going to get the same results since the number HAS already been released. So I am just going to keep waiting and waiting for a process that is stuck in an endless loop. If I call Sprint back and have them change my number back to the original land line number, I may be without a working phone again.

Has anyone here had a similar experience? Any helpful suggestions?

- Disillusioned Sprint customer G727