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    I just can't figure out any way to get it done. As I stated in the other thread:

    (Neither Handspring nor Sprint provide any warranty coverage)

    This is a huge problem and I honestly think a class action is warranted against Handspring and Sprint. Handspring has completely washed its hands of its duties to provide a phone in working order by making Sprint the SOLE provider of warranty and tech support. But of course Sprint is useless. Your $600 phone can be DOA but Handspring doesn't give a damn. They tell you to call Sprint -- and if the Sprint store in your area doesn't have one in stock (how ridiculous is that), you are screwed. Sprint will not send you a new phone regardless -- you have to get it from the store. This is basically a way to save money by not providing warranty support, and I think we should sue Handspring. And I will probably never buy another Handspring product after this disaster.
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    yes i have recieved a replacement. But it took almost a month. Sprint screwed me over so badd just giving me the runaround.I say call around and find a store that has it in stock. Do not use the equipment replacement package. My old treo sat in there warehouse for 2 weeks with out them thinking to send me a new one. Finally I talked to a manager from customer service and he had it next-day aired to me and they payed my bill for a month. But it wasnt worth all the hassle of not having a phone. Thats the hassle for trying to have something cutting edge. As soon as something cooler comes out Im jumping ship. I just cant deal with sprint anymore.
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    I got my phone from Handspring a couple days after it was released and the speaker was blown. I called Handspring and they sent me a replacement overnight. I still works great.
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    Blown speaker right out of the box, had a replacement within 4 days...

    You can't sue because they have trouble meeitng demand because they are selling too many phones. There's no law suit there. Sprint customer service sucks, your basically on your own, but this is ovbious to everyone...

    Handspring made it part of the deal that Sprint had to provide their own support, so there's nothing to acomplish by mounting a lawsuit against handspring.

    When you call sprint always ask to be sent to a level 2 tech, you can tell them you were just speaking to one, and got disconnected.

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    My first 600 up and died after 15 days. I had it replaced at a storefront the next day.

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    Had my T600 since mid-October and just last week the back speaker blew up. Now all audio coming out of the back speaker sounds distorted (just like when you bump up the bass in Ptunes). So I went to the Sprint store a few days ago in attempt to get it replaced. They said they didn't have anymore T600 in stock and will not be getting any until a few weeks from now. They were willing to temporarily replace it with a Samsung i500, but I passed on it and told them I'd rather wait. I later called up 4 other Sprint stores nearby and got the same exact story.

    So now I gotta wait about 3 more weeks (or longer) to get a replacement. I guess I'm just gonna leave my T600 on vibrate for now.
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    I've tried to get a local replacement. No store has one in the whole state I think... so i bit the bullet and called support, had them send me a new one. It was here the next day, a brand new one, and i'll be sending it back out today (the old one).

    One problem.

    I'm on the "spending limit" (can't get OFF of it) still... which means they have "billed" my account for the phone they sent me, which will come off when they get the old one... Well... this throws me over my limit, which has disconnected my service... I called them today to swap ESN's and they cant do anything til my account is restored, which is when they get my old one. So I have no phone... I have a new one, but no service, and it's not activated anyway, so.. whatever

    I so fkn hate sprint, but whatcha gonna do?
    -Treo 600 on Sprint
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    I just got a new one in phx metro store they were going to give me a new one and may stilll if this dimo dont work better then the other and i didnt even buy it at sprint got it at frys elec.

    hope it works
    Glen PHX
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    my 600 went nuts-I called Sprint and had a new one sent. received it in 2 working days along with a prepaid mailer for the old one. SUPER service in my case. Of course I did NOT assault the rep on the phone. When you buy a new super duper hi tech product right out of the chute you can expect some glitches.

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