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    I signed up for the Amazon Treo 600 deal and got my phone for $299:

    • $599 for the Treo 600
    • Minus $100 (from Sprint) for signing up for a 1-year contract
    • Minus $200 (from Amazon) for buying the Treo 600 from them

    Now my fiancee wants one, and I see that Amazon is still offering the same deal. I want to add my her to my existing plan as a second line, however I'm not clear whether the same discounts apply in this scenario.

    As I understand it from filling out the rebate paperwork for my first Treo 600, my Amazon "shopping cart" invoice must show a brand new service plan in order for the Sprint rebate to work. Amazon does not offer what Sprint calls their "PCS Add-a-Phone w/Vision" ($25/mo) option, for adding a second line.

    It seems my only option is to get my fiancee a totally separate plan, file the rebate paperwork, and then see if Sprint can switch her onto my plan as a "PCS Add-a-Phone w/Vision" option at a later date, which saves me $5/month.

    Has anybody done this? It seems very complicated.

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    Yah I'm going through the same thing right now. We want to purchase three (non Treo600) using both the Sprint and Amazon rebates. In my opinion, the Amazon fine print is not very precise to Sprints terms, and therefore I am assuming that Amazons terms are Sprint's terms: open a new line of service with a new number. I think what Amazon is trying to avoid is people simply upgrading their current service with a new phone purchased through Amazon then asking for a rebate. I called up Amazon Customer Service yesterday, the woman I spoke with couldn't confirm for me what I have stated above, but agreed that it should be that way. You can call the customer service office and ask for the cell phone division if you would like to verify. OR, you could order it, then fight it out later =). Let me know what you end up doing!

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