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    Has anyone had trouble sending photos to a non web-based email account? I have cable internet and my email goes through Outlook. When I "share' a photo to my email account at home, it goes through, there are no error messages, but the email is never received. I can go to Yahoo! and share photos to my account and the pictures appear practically instantly.

    I was advised to check my incoming mail server at their site to see if the photos ever made it to their server and the photos are not there. I guess that means that they are being blocked between Sprint and my ISP, Charter. Anyone have any advice?
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    Could it be that your ISP has a spam filter? The email that Sprint sends to the recipient is HTML and contains a link that might (I don't remember) either contain the email address of the recipient or a unique ID so the correct picture is loaded. These are all things that can score high in spam filters, causing the email to be filtered.

    - Mike

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