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    Since tmo is dragging there feet in supporting the T600 I'm thinking about giving Sprint a try.

    I'm cell phone only so I depend on prompt voice mail notification and not missing calls. I've talked with people who left Sprint b/c of these sorts of problems. Specifically calls not ringing through even when the phone is not roaming and then not getting voice mail for several hours.

    So how do people find Sprint these days? Have they been getting their act together?

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    I left cingular for sprint since they have a flat rate for pcs vision pcs serviuce. I am very happy. Sprint has been more than helpful and polite. I hope if you decide on Sprint that your experences go as well. Take care, Jay
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    I'm very happy with my plan, phones, add-ons, etc (had sprint since 1997). I pay about $160 a month for four of us to share 2000 minutes, roam, use unlimited data, voice command, etc. Not a bad deal at all. -BUT- I still have had to call EVERY SINGLE MONTH about my bill since April when I added the three other phones. This past bill, it was charges for roaming minutes on one of the phones, the month before was double vision charges on one of the phones, the month before was vision not activated correctly on one of the phones, etc. etc. etc. The CSR's have been pleasant but it gets aggrevating to have to keep calling.
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    I dunno who told you vm notifications weren't coming through but this hasn't been a problem foor me. in fact vm notification comes so fast I am surprised it doesn't cut the caller off mid-sentence. I have also not had any trouble with billing or customer service and I have been with them for 4 years (came from voicestream) as for calls not ringing, if you are actively using vision (checking email etc) all calls go to vm. perhaps this is what your friend experienced. but future network upgrades next year shoould fix this and allow simultaneous voice and data.
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    I've been a Sprint user for 4 or 5 years. In the begeinning I was a Sprint user because it was the best deal for a national plan - and I put up with the dropped and missed calls. But that is not at all the case today. I think they still have the best national rates by far (I have 2300 minutes, two phones, free roaming, free long distance and 7pm nights for $110 a month) - plus there is rarely a sacrifice on call quality or availability - plus with FREE roaming now available for $5 a month, if you aren't always in a Sprint PCS area (metro and highway areas) you're still in luck. So I am very pleased with my voice service- especially on my T600 which has excellent reception.

    And if that weren't enough, the best thing about Sprint is INEXPENSIVE and UNLIMITED DATA! On plans greater than $100 a month, data is FREE (which as a cell only user, I'm guessing you'd be at the $100 mark). On plans less than $100 it's only $15. That's incredible compared to everyone else, and it's fast.

    I would highly recommend Sprint.


    (sounds like I work for Sprint doesn't it? I don't but I do love what Sprint PCS & Vision allow me to do with my T600 so inexpensively...)
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    I bought a Treo 600 with a Sprint 2 year contract on December 2nd. I did this because I found that I got great reception in my home office with my friend's Sprint phone compared to almost no reception with T-Mobile.

    So far I am very pleased with the performance of the Treo 600 on Sprint. Very clear, no dropped calls, unlimited data etc... Customer service is an entirely different story. I tried to port my number from T-mo to Sprint. Because of this I found out the hard way how incompetent and rude most of Sprint's CSRs are. After 15 days of daily calls to them to try to get the number ported through I finally gave up and just went with a new number.

    The time spent with their customer service was excruciating - usually waited an hour + on hold each time I called and the onhold music is enough to turn you into a homicidal maniac.

    Aside from all that, the service is great, priced right and you can get a Treo off the shelf at most stores that offer Sprint. (Got mine at Best Buy for $399)
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    I've been with Sprint since 1999. No landline. Strictly wireless. Perfect? Absolutely not. But they are good for the most part. My worst "signal" experiences have been inside buildings downtown DC (especially around the White House) and heading West on I-66 near the Gainesville area (intersection with Route 29). Sure, there are some other spots around, but I would call them minor. I always have 4 bars inside my apartment...and signal in the metro while underground is very good (roaming with Verizon).

    As far as customer service, I always go to the Sprint PCS store behind the Tyson's Corner mall. No problems at all at that store and they have always gone the extra mile for me. Of course, I am always very calm . I only call the tech support when is necessary.

    To summarize, I just signed another 2 year deal with Sprint last month when I purchased the Treo 600. But I have not tried any of the other providers in the area. So I can't compare Sprint to another carrier.

    Me = Nokia 5170/Palm III > Kyocera 6035 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 700p > Treo 755p > Treo Pro > Palm Pre

    Wife = Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 755p > Palm Centro > Palm Pixi
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    I switched from T-Mo to Sprint when I got my Treo 600.

    I'm basically happy.

    -- The port took a long time -- but that was because I did it the first day porting was available. And sprint gave me (supposedly, haven't seen it yet) credit for the delay.

    -- The service is slightly better in NYC than T-Mo. Calls are clearer, go automatically to Voicemail less often. Of course, the phone is a factor here too, but it seems a positive change overall.

    -- Vision is better than T-Mo Internet. Hands down. Quicker to connect, quicker throughput. I was afraid about not being to receive calls while online, but that only happens while you are actively transmitting data. This has not been a problem.

    -- Sprint's customer service mechanism, however, leaves a lot to be desired. Highly dysfunctional. While T-Mo's is by no means exemplary, it is somewhat easier to get through to a capable support person. I had a minor issue with their Sprint's Business
    Connection s/w that after two weeks, I gave up on ever talking to a capable support person. I could find nobody in their wiereless web services who even understands basic internet protocols.
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    My Treo 600 is about two weeks old; and replaces a Kyocera Smart Phone.

    The first two days were happy and sad. Happy with the keyboard, and all the potential.

    Totally sad with Sprint PCS service.

    It wasn't until the 2nd day where I was blessed to have spoken to a gentleman by the name of Fred. I learned that the best way to get service was to ask for wireless web support (found that out after several emails).

    Fred (and I'm sorry I don't have his last name) helped clear up some misconceptions (I thought I had to have the personal connection to get any email; Fred cleared up about Eudora and other products), and helped me get set up correctly with the PCS Vision.

    Now, on the 2nd week, I'm more in love with the product and Sprint service (please note, I said "Service," not support though I was very happy with Fred) than I was the 1st two days.

    My only complaint is that I cannot get PCS Vision when roaming; and there are times the phone will kick into roaming in the same physical geographic position where it was not roaming five minutes before.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    I've used three carriers, so I think I have a good foundation for comparison.

    I started my wireless use with ATTWS about 7 or 8 years ago. I used Nokia phones, and really thought that no other phone or carrier existed. I was also a big-time Palm-head. Had all the various Palm devices, even got a wireless modem for my Palm Vx (Omnisky - remember them?). AT&T seemed fine to me, although I would from to time experience some of the garbled calls that were common with digital TDMA service at the time.

    When the Kyocera6035 came out, I jumped all over it, and changed service to Verizon, almost three years ago. Things with VZW were just fine, although my my bill was hefty (about $250/mo), since their data usage at the time went against your overall minutes, and I had to get the most minutes possible at that time, and the bill was pretty heinous.

    Once the Treos started coming out, I gave them a good look, but since they were black and white then, and I would have had to switch carriers for what didn't seem like a huge advance in functionality, I held off.

    Then Sprint came out with the Treo300 and all you can eat data with Vision, and some really good pricing (like, in my case, I get 2000 anytime min, unlim data, unlim n/w for like $95/mo) - I had to jump all over that. I made that change about a year and a half ago, and have been very pleased with Sprint overall. I don't depend on or expect their CSRs to have a clue about the Treo600, and thus don't have a big beef about their phone-type service.

    So, all in all, I'd say that Sprint has been just fine - as good or better than any of the other carriers out there. My wife and son just ported over to Sprint from AT&T, and the switch went pretty well. I would give Sprint 4 stars out of five.
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    I will agree with many of you about PCS VISION and how great it is but for now I have to disagree..

    1 - My pcs vision stopped working this Monday out of the blue. I have a TREO 600 which I loved from the start. I didnt install anything or change anything. Simply tried to connect and nothing. ERROR 3000 - Data network unavailable.

    2 - Called customer solutions and reps kept passing me back and forth. Finally got a record of it and said someone will call me back.

    3 - I travel 20 miles north from my house and PCS VISION works! Im able to function like I one did. Soon as I get home. Nothing works again. ERROR 3000.

    4 - Just got off the phone with a service Tech and he basically said its nothing they or I can do. I just need to simply wait to see if it starts working again. -GIVE IT TIME-

    5 - Im very close to jumping ship unfortunatly since Sprint cannot figure this out and Im stuck with a $600 phone thats at the moment is good for only making voice calls and playing games.

    Im very disappointed all in all with Sprint PCS. Even thou I have had them for 7 years. This is inexcusable

    Just and FYI
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    I haven't decided yet if I'll stop waiting for Tmo, but at least it looks like it might be OK to use Sprint.

    I guess I'll drop by the Sprint store and see how long a wait I'll have...Thanks for the feedback it's been very useful.

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    I have used Sprint PCS for about 4 years with several phones and this is my second experience with a cell phone PDA combination. My first one was a Samsung and I had very few problems. I have had the Treo 300 for about 6 months. In Lexington KY I have had mediocre reception and a rare problem with dropped service. This is my second trip to West Palm Beach Florida and my Sprint service disconnects frequently and the sound quality has been mediocre. At first I thought that the "out of area" or "no service" was a function of battery life but I have carefully observed and there is either no correlation or a very weak one. I am very frustrated and am getting no help from Sprint except to send the unit back for repairs with no estimate of how long it would take to find out the problem or even give me some assurance that they can fix it. Has anybody else had this type of problem? If so, what did you do to have it fixed?
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    I'm happy with SPrint. Started out 3 years ago with a basic phone. Graduated to the Samsung I500 when it came out.....then moved to the T300 and now the T600. It's the data service that I'm sold on. Unlimited data 10 bucks a month is a deal. I can just about be reached anywhere at anytime either by phone, text messaging, email or any of the three IMs ( AOL, MSN, YAHOO).

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    I have only had sprint for a week but I am satisfied with the phone portion and totally happy with the unlimited data and web for fifteen bucks a month. I ported my number over from nextel last friday. I am posting this from my treo 600.
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    I've been with Sprint for 3 to 4 years and have the unlim data for $10/ mo. Started out with Sanyo 4700, changed to Sanyo 4900, then to Treo 300 then upgraded to Treo 600. In the CT area, had a few dropped calls here and there with the 4700, less with the 4900 and even less with the 300 and 600. Unlim data is a great deal. I try not to call Sprint CS if I don't really have to. Only thing I'd recommend is watch them so they don't screw you over with invalid charges and billings and changing your plan without your consent. It's happened to me a few times. I don't know if this is a corporate policy or just plain incompetence with some of the people that work there. Overall I like the Sprint network service very much in my area. I have a friend in NYC area who changed from ATT to Sprint a year ago and has been very happy with Sprint with the coverage and service.

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