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    Hi all,

    This afternoon around 5 PM EST near Raleigh, I was completely unable to keep a phone connection. With 4 bars, I would get signal faded, call is lost message over and over again. Continued on through 6:30 PM EST.

    Did anyone else experience anything like this? Called Sprint, and they said they had no known issues near Raleigh.

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    Matt, where did this happen to you?

    I had it happen a couple of times on Capital Blvd and yesterday on 540. I looked at the phone immediately after it happened, and I had 4 bars and it said signal faded.

    The calls on Capital Blvd really ticked me off because it happened several time and I had a 4 to 5 bar signal and I had just left the Sprint Store on Capital Blvd where I had upgraded to the $100/mo plan. I was really feeling like I had made a mistake. Then, I didn't have any big problems again until yesterday on 540.
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    I don't have sprint but those are very high traffic area's. Most likely you were getting tranferred to a new cell tower and the new cell tower was overloaded. Since a lot of people are off from work I imagine there is a lot more of a load on the towers in certain areas than normal.
    Steve Lineberry

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    Mine was happneing all over:

    Hwy 1/40 near Crossroads Mall
    Hwy 55 in Fuquay
    Hwy 42 between Fuquay and Clayton

    Over and over and over. Today, my fiance (also has a T600) is having the same problem on 40 near the 70 interchange in Garner.

    Called Sprint, they said it's a problem with the phone... NOT!

    ShockSSL, this has NEVER happened before. So, what's happening is that so many new subscribers joined in one day that it started?????

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    This has happened to me before. Sometimes when there is lots of traffic on I-40 because of a big accident or something I will try to use my cell phone but because almost everyone else had the same idea as me I the tower got full and I couldn't complete a call.

    Anyway, I wasn't saying a bunch of new subscribers, I was saying there was an abnormal amount of people using a single cell tower. Such was the case around the holidays when lots of people are in a mall all using the same tower and all on their cell phones. Anyway, this may not be the reason and it may be Sprint's fault. I personally hate Sprint and all of cell phone carriers but currently tolorate Cingular.

    Another idea could be that somehow the phone or some of their towers' timestamps are getting off. I know from the CDMA spec that they rely heavily on an accurate timestamp and this could result in dropped calls and other problems.

    I hope y'all get your problems worked out.
    Steve Lineberry

    Cingular GSM
    Treo 600
    Treo 270
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    Matt, it's not the t600. I have one of those, but I was using the phone that I had just bought for my wife. I've had it happen with both of my phones.

    I'm up close to Canada right now, and I have had better luck everywhere that I've used the phone on the way up, beginning in Henderson. I've had pretty poor performance all over North Raleigh and Wake Forest recently. I don't know what the issue is. I've been using my phone in my office with a four bar signal and had people that cannot hear me. I don't understand that either.

    Good luck to you. I hope things get better for us.

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