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    Hi there

    I received my Treo 600 (activated with sprint) last week. Here are some basic questions..

    a) Do I have to download MP3 players separately for my Treo?
    b) If yes, could you please send me the freebies link for an
    good MP3 player?
    c) After installing the MP3 player, can I listen to MP3 songs directly from my Treo using the PCS Vision feature?

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    The Pocket Tunes MP3 player is a free download directly from Handspring when you register your phone with them via the link on the Treo 600 CD. Once you have the free basic version, you can listen to MP3's that you have on a SD or MMC card. To listen to streaming audio via Shoutcast, you will need to upgrade to the deluxe version for $14.95.

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