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    I am getting ready to order a Treo 600 from Amazon on Sprint. I am choosing the PCS Vision Professional Pack for $15/mo. Do I also need to add the PCS Business Connections Personal Edition for an extra $5/mo.? It is not clear by the descriptions whether the Pro Pack includes the Business Connections service?

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    No you don't. Vision Pro includes the following:

    PCS Vision Professional Pack

    Perfect for business people away from the office and those who use PCS Vision Smart Devices, the PCS Vision Professional Pack includes unlimited PCS Vision and the following:

    Unlimited PCS Business ConnectionSM Personal Edition, so you can access your Microsoft® Outlook® or Lotus® Notes company email, calendar, business directory, and personal contacts in real time on select PCS Phones

    Unlimited Web-based messaging, including PCS Short Mail, with email and instant messaging from AOL and Yahoo!

    Unlimited Web access

    Unlimited Picture Mail, so you can take, upload, and send an unlimited number of pictures

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