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    Wondering whether Sprint is offering their $100 or $150.00 credit for an one or two-year agreement ? I tried calling a sprint Rep., and the Rep. told me that Sprint stopped giving that kind of credit.. Did anyone recently got such credit? If yes, please tell me the 1-800 number you had called, so that I can call them and get the credit.
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    Here in Virginia at least, it's a $100 rebate on a 1 year agreement, $150 on a two year.
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    same in new orleans, although the deal, from what i have gatherd, is thhat you ahve to have not upgraded your current hardware in at least 18 months
  4. #4 rebate archives has all the Sprint and other carrier rebates for printing.

    I had to save the PDF as a picture and then load it into a word Doc to get it to print properly, but that may be our printers.

    Amazon Rebate Archives

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