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    Is it possible on a Sprint Treo 600 that does not have a Vision plan to get Blazer to work via a dial-up connection to one's local ISP? If yes, then will the minutes I spend on-line cost me extra or will they just go against my voice minutes? Will Sprint charge me extra?

    Why do I ask? I don't need the internet enough to warrant an extra $15/month.

    Otherwise, I'm going to have to continue to wait for TMobile to get off their duff and sell this phone! I can't believe the morons running that company. Why in the world would they want to miss out on all the Christmas sales? (Another question for another thread -- just ignore it if you can.)
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    Well, I have Vision, but can make a CSD connection, and I don't think that has to do anything with Vision (especially since I have to disconnect from Vision to dial up.). So the answer is yes, and the minutes must come out of your regular plan, as it is an analog call.
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    Why not just add vision? Why have a Treo600 with no data?
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