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    Folks this is my second Treo 600 from Sprint. The first one would not allow me to connect to any of my mail functions and of course Sprint's own e-mail did not work. If we did a hard reset and reset everything on Sprint's system the thing would work once before locking up.

    So after over 20 hours with Sprint (having nightmares about their hold music, literally) I returned the first Treo and waited for a software update that their tech reps said was coming.

    After being assured by their sales people that the "new" Treo would work I bought another, now $150 more, with a mail in rebate.

    Guess what? After two visits to the Sprint store (5 hours) and another 5 hours on hold with Sprint the phone still can not connect to Sprint Provisioning and nothing but the basic phone features work.

    Sprint's technical service people have been earnest in their efforts to make this work, but this Treo is going back today. All the time I've spent working on this would be worth $4,500 if I were billing clients. You can avoid this problem by avoiding Sprint.
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    I've had zero issues with Sprint for over the last year I've been with problems getting the 600 to work either. IMO, I'd highly recommend them.

    However in your case, just return it and find another carrier.
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    Originally posted by mo-bile
    I've had zero issues with Sprint for over the last year I've been with problems getting the 600 to work either. IMO, I'd highly recommend them.

    However in your case, just return it and find another carrier.
    I'm with you. I've had Sprint service for over 4 years with very few problems. My Treo 600 has worked very well on the Sprint network. I'm a happy customer.
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    I've been with almost all of the carriers and hated them all. I stick with sprint because they're the most competent. My only complaint with sprint is that they aren't early to adopt certain technologies while other carriers do. Maybe that's a good thing because everything that Sprint does offer is pretty solid.
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    Well today I began protesting... Sandwich boards and candy with notes telling customers "My Sprint Vision does not work." Sprint called the cops, who candidly admitted there was nothing they could do, protesting is legal, that Sprint might want to try fixing the phone, before they laughed and left.

    Now that I know Sprint is dumb enough to call the cops on a long term customer I'm setting up video to capture the next encounter. I'll provide food drinks and a barrell to burn some wood in to stay warm if anyone wants to help me deliver the message in the Atlanta area.

    Sprint really has handled this poorly and I'm going to tell others how they have treated me.

    Those of you who have Treo 600's with Sprint, how did you get them to work? I mean, Sprint's technical folks have tried everything and even when I leave the phone in the store with them - they can not get it to work either. Today they asked me to give them another 48 hours....

    They can have as long as they like. With all the honking and cute girls stopping by to say hello - this protesting stuff is kind of fun.

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    Your problem is stemming from the fact that our servers that do the Vision provisioning are overloaded right now. We used to outsource this service to a company based in Indionesia, but they went bankrupt, and without warning last week they pulled the plug on the server. We have backup servers here in the USA, but nothing near the capacity that we got from them. We are adding to it though, and we will be at 100% capability again by the 2nd week in January, so please be patient. Tech support got overloaded with calls as you can imagine (I just got off the phone with one, and he said they've averaged 250 calls/hr... Normally they only get 50.) I am a rep, and I also use the service as well so I feel your pain. But please bear with us, and just be patient... I promise you it will be worth it.
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    Starrwulfe - Thanks for your post, but in the interim Sprint is not exactly cancelling my billing. I still pay for services that are not delivered, services that can not be delivered. Sprint remains in breach of their promise to me as a customer.

    If Sprint's senior management did not monitor their subcontractors closely enough and this sort of problem is the result, Sprint remains responsible.

    How would you feel if you, or a member of your family, boarded my jet to see loved ones at Christmas and because our sub contractor failed to properly repair the trim system we crashed - which is the ultimate failure to deliver our "product" a safe flight to your destination. Should my airline then simply shrug our shoulders and ask you to be patient with us? How would you feel if your airline told you, be patient with us, we will try to stop crashing next month??? You know - We are a having a pretty rough time since 9-11, what with bankruptcy and all, but we keep a close eye on our subcontractors and if we can't trust them, we do it ourselves.

    Again, thanks for your insight. Hopefully my little protests, complaints, and a law suit will help get William Esrey to devote the resources to running a proper tech support operation.

    Sixty Hours listening to Sprint's hold music has really motivated me.
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    Starrwulfe: I also am in the same hold-hell (right now in fact: bah-bip-bah-BeeeEEEEEeeeeee-bibildee-bibildee-bip). No provisioning yet. Is there any trick I can use to get around it, e.g. try provisioning at 4AM or something? Or should I just forget about Vision until January?



    OK I stuck it out for 1.5 hours on hold, and the tier 2 guy went through the ##3282 reset thing and it works! See the post about sprint computers down below for information on this reset.

    If you have a new phone and want to get straight to tier 2 for PCS Vision, their # is 866 206 4108.
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    Sprint got mine working for 26 hours - THEN - back to PCS Login he!!.

    I'm going to draft up a lawsuit and try to get an injunction against Sprint marketing, or selling, PCS vision products in Cobb County until they can prove that the service works (on my Treo).

    Sprint has motivated me to try to stop this buffoonery.
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    I too have been having problems with Vision and live in the NE Atlanta area. When I first purchased my Treo 600, it provisioned instantly once I had Vision activated. It worked perfectly for about 2 weeks and then I picked my phone up one morning and noticed an error (The famous error 3000). To make a long story short, I spent 2 hours on the phone with a level 2 tech at the end of which he told me to take it to a local store to be reprogrammed. I took it to the Mall of GA store and they "reprogrammed" it and told me to wait 4 hours to try Vision. To my surprise, it started working.... until today. It has only been 5 days since they reprogrammed it and I am getting the error 3000 again. I am planning to take it back to the store tomorrow. This is getting ridiculous. The store said that a lot of people were having to have their phones reprogrammed to resolve Vision problems although the phone CSRs didn't know anything about it. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with Sprint? Is it regional?
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    I left cingular for sprint since they have a flat rate for pcs vision pcs serviuce. I am very happy. Sprint has been more than helpful and polite. I live in central fla and hvae never had a prob at all with reception etc. In fact the t600 is the cleares tphone I have used. take care, Jay
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    I have had my Treo 600 since they first came out in October. I migrated from a Treo 300 and after last nite I hate it. I have been on hold with Sprint off and on. Here is exactly what happened.....

    After months of bragging to others how good the Treo 600 is and how much it does. Now im limited to just phone and no fix in sight. Last nite I synced my phone and decided to disconnect from the network. When I tried to reconnect I began to get ERROR 3000: Network is busy. Granted I gave the error the benefit of the doubt and chose to leave it till tomorrow. My wife has the same phone treo 600 and hers was working. Today I have yet to get the error to go away and all sprint tech support has to say is keep trying. Eventually it will get back on. I have read horror stories and now feel im getting sucked into one myself.

    Im one who cannot afford to be without email and sms while out and about. Two of my friends who owned treo 600's ended up switching to GSM cus of this. I will give it time.. but if nothing occurs or changes I shall do the same.
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    My Treo 600 is about two weeks old; and replaces a Kyocera Smart Phone.

    The first two days were happy and sad. Happy with the keyboard, and all the potential.

    Totally sad with Sprint PCS service.

    It wasn't until the 2nd day where I was blessed to have spoken to a gentleman by the name of Fred. I learned that the best way to get service was to ask for wireless web support (found that out after several emails).

    Fred (and I'm sorry I don't have his last name) helped clear up some misconceptions (I thought I had to have the personal connection to get any email; Fred cleared up about Eudora and other products), and helped me get set up correctly with the PCS Vision.

    Now, on the 2nd week, I'm more in love with the product and Sprint service (please note, I said "Service," not support though I was very happy with Fred) than I was the 1st two days.

    My only complaint is that I cannot get PCS Vision when roaming; and there are times the phone will kick into roaming in the same physical geographic position where it was not roaming five minutes before.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
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    After having my phone "reflashed" for a second time by the store, my vision started working in some areas. It would work in downtown Atlanta, but if I went outside the perimeter (I285), then it would stop working again even though it was in a Vision-capable area. It seemed to vary depending on what tower I was on.

    After spending a few more hours speaking with Sprint on the phone and speaking to the store, they said to get my phone replaced. After finally locating a BestBuy that had one, they replaced it and my Vision works again in all areas, including those where my previous Treo 600 wouldn't. There definitely seems to be a problem with some Treo 600's working off of some Sprint towers. I am obviously not the only one who has encountered this problem. Unfortunately, it takes forever for Sprint to come to the conclusion that it is the hardware/network. Persistence in dealing with Sprint seems to be the key. Just keep calling until you get satisfaction.

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