I've had my treo 600 on Sprintpcs. Uploaded treo600sms. I can currently send SMS through short mail to my ATT GSM phone. When I reply I do not get notification on my Treo but if I log on to vision and check my short mail inbox it is there. Is there a way to get a notiification on my Treo that I have short mail.

Another issue im having is I also cannot get notification if I get an email on my sprintpcs.com address. If I send an email through my yahoo account I can log into vision and see it there but I do not get notified on my Treo.

I've spoken to Sprint Tech support and they told me that I cannot get notification on my Treo if I get either a shortmail message or an email message. I would have to log into vision to see them. She also mentioned that is why they are trying to implement SMS in January as an alternate solution to this problem.

Is anyone experiencing the same issue?