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    I wanted to see if anyone else was experiencing problems receiving calls in Northern California through their Sprint-Treo?

    I've been having trouble for months - and am just amazed that Sprint can get away with having network problems for three months.

    When I'm in N.Cal, anyone that calls me usually gets a rapid-busy signal. Sprint says it's due to some problems they're having with Lucent Swtiches on the network - and that they're working on it.

    Sprint has offered to waive my $150 penalty fee for giving up their service, but I'm trying to stick with it. They say the problem is isolated to Northern California - but I'm doubtful.

    Anyone else?
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    Yeah, people calling sometimes get a fast busy too (and I get it while checking voicemail). It's been happening off and on with me since before I got my Treo. People always seem to get through if they call right back.
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    Correct - also happens when you try to call voicemail (because you're basically calling your phone).

    Same experience I had, too - usually people just called back and got through.

    It's gotten a LOT worse, for me, though. Now people have tried for over an hour and still can't get through.
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    I haven't noticed any problems with people calling me.
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    I noticed that it takes Sprint about 10 minutes to be able to route calls to you after you power on your phone. No problems making outgoing calls though. Even if I call *2 immediately after turning on the phone it still takes a while for incoming calls to work.

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