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    So I'm at 1300 of my 2000 minutes 13 days into the month. I obviously need to switch to the 2500 plan (is there nothing higher?) It appears that I need to sign a new contact for 1 yr from today (7 months into my contract) if I want to pay them more a month.

    Is this right? Has anyone tried this?
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    If you have Sprint as your provider, yes, 2500 is the maximum amount of minutes. And you can upgrade your plan at anytime with them. However, I would probably ensure about the date the new plan takes effect. You don't want to keep using minutes thinking that the plan changed immediately only to find out that it does't take effect until the next billing cycle. You never know with Sprint.

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    I just upgraded. I decided to sign a new contract because I wanted to take advantage of free pcs to pcs, free n&w starting at 7 and a free second phone. with all of that my minutes are fine now, but a sign in the store said they did have a 3500 minute plan.
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    I spoke with a CSR a couple weeks back and they have a 4500 minute plan that could be shared with up to 10 phones for $160
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    Sprint has plans more that 2500 AT. You have to ask them about their business plans etc.

    Also AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $you$ $don$'$t$ $have$ $to$ $extend$ $your$ $contract$ $to$ $go$ $to$ $a$ $higher$ $plan$. $However$ $if$ $you$ $want$ $to$ $get$ $features$ $like$ $PCS$-$to$-$PCS$, $7$ $pm$ $N$?$W$, $then$ $you$ $will$ $have$ $to$ $sign$ $a$ $new$ $contract$...
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