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    I just picked up a sprint treo 600 from Best Buy.

    i thought i mention it here:

    The price was 399$ (plus taxes) , after 50$ instant best buy rebate and 150$ instant sprint rebate with 2 year service agreement.

    surprisingly, the sprint rep. also gave me an additional 150$ mail-in-rebate ( the treo600 is listed as egligble device )

    if the rebate is honored the final price would be 249$, which is quite nice.

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    This sounds like a great deal as I am ready to purchase the Treo 600 on Amazon for a similar deal. I would much rather go to a store directly and purchase it though.

    When did you do this and what part of the country is this Best Buy in?

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    i bought it 12/16 at a Best Buy store in West Haven/ CT.
    it was advertised at 399$ in their weekly ad.

    Since it was/is a christmas present i did not want to wait for amazon having it in stock.

    Good luck,

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    The $150 rebate is from Sprint, in both cases, and for activating a 2 year contract. When the request for the second one comes in, I think Sprint will figure out they've already paid the rebate on that phone number once.
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