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    After 2.5 weeks of number porting hell -- at least one hour on the phone each day, no exageration -- I finally get my number over to Sprint and the Treo working.

    But no vision. Vision works on my other Treo, but not the new one.

    I know lots of folks are having vision troubles now, but no one has mentioned the error I'm getting "Error 3000."

    Anyone have any clues?

    How does one know that the phone is not a stinker?

    I'm not going to ***** about Sprint customer service reps or Sprint service, but the amount of time I've had to put into this fun is ridiculous. Someone at Sprint should be handing out big service credits or lining folks up to be shot.
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    Actually, lots of folks have "error 3000" and "error 67". It is all related to Vision - provisioning, etc. Check some of the other threads for the various ways to fix it...

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