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    I am from the US. I am in Shanghai, China. I have been trying to get some issued resolved and am getting no where. I sent an email to them, stating that I am fusturated and upset and to please forward my request to the proper person. This was after numbours email and phone interactions. I still got a "canned answer" more or less. Who, what or where can I cantact reall customer service that can resolve real issues that need to be escalated?

    It seems that the inital contact is structured such, that you can never get out of their circle to the next level for real cusotmer care and help. This has never been an issue before, just this time.

    Any help woulf be great, Matt Burkhard
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    Here's what they have for phone numbers:

    Sprint PCS Phone Numbers
    Because we hate Claire as much as you do


    Customer Service with Claire & Hold Time

    Customer Service without Claire - Bumped to front of line (also known as the Red Phones)


    Retention - Negotiate a better plan/price to stay with Sprint PCS

    Rebate Line - Get the status of your Sprint rebate

    Sprint PCS Premium Issues Line (Get refund for unsatisfactory download games - 2 $5 credits per billing cycle)

    Sprint PCS Corporate HQ/Executive Services/Escalations
    1-866-519-5698 (Or directly at 817-215-3070)

    TeleSales - Phones & Accessories and Customer Service for Phone & Online orders

    Vision/3G Wireless Web Support Department

    I hope this helps. If not, good luck
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    Thakns, I'll try those if I can.

    I am in Shanghai China on bussiness.
    I can get a signal on my Treo600. I know Unicom is the CDMA provider. When I try to call, a message says I need to apply for IDD service.

    I called sprint for help and some say it' will not work in China. Some say yes, but you need to call the internationl number, were they then tell no.

    I told them that I can connect and they say it still will not work

    I just called the front desk of the Hotel FROM MY TREO. I never tried a local number, I assumed if I can't call home, then it is blocked.

    I'll post the email I got below, it's too funny, their lack of help and such. you can tell the person either didn't read my email, or didn't understand it.

    Thanks, matt
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    Dear Matt,

    This is in response to your concern about the services.

    We do offer the ability to use your PCS Phone outside the US. As we at
    eCare would not be able to assist you in knowing the rates of using our
    services. So, you need to call our dedicated group of specialists at

    Thank you for contacting Sprint.

    Candice V.

    Sprint strives to provide you with the best customer service possible.

    Original Message Follows:
    To Whom it may concern.
    I am very confused, frustrated and upset. I have tried to
    settle this matter and I feel that I am getting no where. Either I get a
    reason of "yes, it can be done, contact..." or "it is not possible" and
    there is not an explanation to why. I have attached two emails that I
    received from Sprint Customer Care. Some are the same question, sent
    and there are two different answers from your reps. Each email contains
    several correspondences with your E-Care people, so please read them in
    their entirety.

    I can't afford to call the US from China on a Land Line
    times so far), and wait on hold to do this and get no where. I am in
    Shanghai. Unicom is the CDMA carrier (I believe?). I am trying to get
    service on my Treo600, which is a Single Mode (digital), Dual Band. Two
    Frequency Bands that it operates on are 800MHZ and 1.9GHZ.(according to
    Handspring and the SprintPCS website (see attached email).

    Half the people I email at Sprint say I can get service,
    other say no, with no real reason other then it will not work, due to it
    being the wrong type. If this is so, then how is it I can connect with
    carrier in Shanghai, China, get a "roaming" ICON and display and dial

    I ask them about this and they say it just will not work
    don't say why I can connect and it not work. When I dial a phone number,
    get a message in Chinese first, then English saying that "I must apply
    IDD service". I can even contact their customer care via 1001 from my
    Treo600, but it's in Chinese and I wanted help form Sprint.

    How is it that I can connect to the carrier, but not use it (according
    Sprint rep)? Why do some Sprint Reps say it can be done?

    WILL THIS WORK OR NOT? I am tired of calling and emailing back and
    and getting no where. I am an Electronic Engineer, I understand this
    kind of
    stuff, so please explain.

    PLEASE read the attached email and note the responses
    the PCS reps. Some are contradictive of others PCS replies.

    Please forward this to the correct party to get an answer

    Very confused, Matt Burkhard

    PCS # 512) 791-9373
    Phone: Treo600
    Location : Shanghai, China

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