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    Wondering if anyone has experienced this problem.

    I take a picture with the Treo 600 camera which immediately takes me to the Picture Mail screen so I can select the recipient and type a message. I click the button to select a recipient, choose a phone number or email address (doesn't matter) and the screen goes blank and restarts the Treo.

    The picture that I took was saved. When I go back into pictures and select one to send, the same thing happens. Treo resets.


    I called Sprint and they suggested maybe its because of an application that I installed. But the only 3rd party stuff on my Treo is SnapperMail and Verichat, two of the most widely used Treo apps out there.

    Any comments?
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    1. Have you logged into and made sure that it is set up?

    2. I assume you are still in your picturemail free trial period. I don't know what happens if you don't subscribe to the picturemail service.

    3. Are you saving the picture to main memory or an SD card? The picture app does not send from an SD card. If my SD card is selected in the dropdown when I take a picture it saves the picture there and I still get a "share" button. If I use it the phone will reset. If I select one already saved on SD and try to share it I get an error message.

    4. I don't think the picture app uses Blazer but there is no way for me to be sure. Be sure you don't have the infamous cookies problem. Try logging into a web site like Hotmail and see if it works correctly.

    Thats about all I know. Let me know if any of that helps.

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