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    Just got off the phone with Sprint. They are having a major computer problem. Apparantly a company that provided server services for their registration system went bankrupt and they have had to switch to a new system. If you have tried to change a password, username or activate a new phone over the past several days, chances hare you are messed up. The super said the system is SUPPOSED to be up and running by 6pm Central tonite (Dec 9th). BUT he said it was supposed to have been up by 2pm yesterday as well

    Currently there are over 30,000 requests for validation, registration or changes in the que that will have to be processed once the system is really running and he does not know how long it will all take or if that backlog will cause additional problems.

    Screwed myself by trying to change my username last week when the chip hit the cooling fan. No web for me until its all fixed then I will have to reset the whole system via ##774.

    He said the techs SHOULD have been all aware of this by this a.m. but the ones I talked to did not. He said before this morning most techs would not have known what the problem was. All techs have been sent a status memo on the problem (mine must not have read it)

    Anyway took me two days over 6hours on the phone and a dozen people techs and supers to get what, at least sounds, like the info.

    IMPORTANT: If you call sprint Tech Support, the automated lady will ask you to repeat to her what area you need help in. One of the options for you to say back to her is "Wireless Web" DO NOT SAY THIS. The Autobot is not recognizing it (Super confirmed this, said they were looking into it) If you say 'Wireless web" you will be put in the regular Customer Solutions que and (20-30 min later) when you get a person and explain your problem you will be told that that she cant help you and will have to tranfer you to the Wireless Web people. Thus you go to the end of another que.

    INSTEAD when you get the chance to say ANYTHING to the autobot, say "VISION" This command is recognized and will get you to the vision/wireless web folks.
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    Interesting...I just called to activate my service and the rep didn't seem to imply that anything was wrong with their systems. Though I'm unclear as to whether or not you were talking about thier Vision systems or what...
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    It's been my experience that Sprint CSR's use the ol' "Our computers are down" line whenever they can't get something to work, don't know what they're doing, or they have a customer that they can't get off the line quickly enought to meet thier acceptable resolution metrics.

    Just thought you should know. I think I've been told that line about 4 times by Sprint.
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    I activated my phone yesterday morning. Voice has been working fine. Vision gives me an error 67 wrong user name and password. I too have spent nearly 6 hours on the phone being told try it in 4 hours, just to call back and be told the same thing.

    last night I got the major computer problem answer. Wait 24 hours!!!

    Did that, called back today and still the same crap!

    I'll give sprint another day to get their act together, otherwise I'm going to take the phone back and sign up with ATT or someone else!!!

    For a 5 year old customer they sure know how to screw with you!!
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    I went up the ladder and have the answer to your problem.

    The way Sprint's servers are programmed they get stuck in a password loop, triggered by something in the way the Treo 600 communicates. The engineer I spoke with said a fix is in the works, but it will require reprogramming of your Treo 600.

    He expected the fi would be about three weeks coming and your Sprint store would be glad to do the software revision.

    I learned this after I had already taken my Treo 600 back to the store for a refund. I understand your frustration because it is such a wonderful device.

    A sort of work around is to have Sprint re-set your password and do a hard reset of your Treo. This will make the device work for a while, but eventually it will lock up. I tried disabling the cookies and that seemed to help.
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    If your right, Sprint is on Crack! If sprint thinks that all it's new treo customers will sit around for 3 weeks for them to fix vision service, they have trully lost it! That cannot be. How could this be possible!!

    I hope your wrong, otherwise I see myself at a sprint store this weekend giving it the best shot and then likely returning the bloody thing!!

    Let's hope they fix this soon!!!
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    Just got off the phone with a tech at 866 206 4108 and they confirmed the first post in this group...pretty much the same story I've heard 3 or 4 times, since Sunday night. They did say there was some issue with some of the phones, but I after the tech put me on hold to "check some things" he felt that the password lock up wasn't my issue. How he knew that I don't know. They said they are taking the system down at 2AM Central to work on it and he said to try to log on tomorrow.

    I wish they'd be like ebay and keep a log as to when they are down and what they are doing so I wouldn't have to keep calling.
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    Well, I've been a Sprint customer for a couple years now, have had Vision for about the past year and 3 months or so, and went from a T300 to a T600. I've not once had a problem with logging into Vision on my T600. No errors, no lockups, no resetting passwords, no hard resets of my T600.

    Maybe I'm just lucky...

    I wonder if this update in 3 weeks will be the ROM update that was mentioned elsewhere here as coming out before the end of the year.

    - Mike
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    I've also been told that their service is "down" by three CSR so far. With NO ETA to when it will be back live. I just got my phone Monday and have voice working but have yet gotten internet to work. I keep getting that damn "Error 67" message. Does anyone else have an update?
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    I'm still getting that Error 67. Tried to activate on Monday as well.

    I'm going to call once a day now to get an update, otherwise I'll go crazy with sprint.

    Anyone who is in this boat and get's there working please post here, I'll do the same.

    Once one of us gets provisioned then hopefully sprint has fixed their problems and the rest will not be far behind.

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    I'm in the same boat. Got the 600 on Monday 12/8 and still no vision. I have heard several versions of the story told in the original post. My budy got one yesterday (tuesday) and its working fine. Last tech said it was hit or miss. I will post if anything changes....
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    ...Vision is provisioned and working today. I've been able to browse the web and check (but not send) mail.
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    This morning I noticed my beloved Treo 300 blinking rather insistently, and realized my battery was just about drained. When I got it plugged in there was no service and attempts to restart resulted in an "unable to access the network" message.

    After being on hold for AN HOUR waiting for technical support, they told me their server problems were spreading and some customers were affected. They said it had nothing to do with what type of phone you had nor whether you were a Vision customer or not. It's now evening and I have been without my phone all day. :-( I can check my voicemail from one of my other phones but that's about it.

    All I can say is, I'd better get a freakin' credit for this!

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    Same here except I get a message when I try to dial locally. "Welcome to roaming, please use a CC or pre-paid etc etc..... "

    Could this be part of it. This is my home area! Not roaming at all. Unable to access Vision Web either... ARghghghghghgh

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    Having same issues, new activation as of Monday. Just wondering if there was any update on this today. Thanks.
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    I'm still waiting. Activated on Monday as well. Called Sprint last night. Check all my setting and said I'm still stuck waiting for their computers to clear the backlog.

    I'm going to take the phone to a sprint store this weekend. If they don't get it fixed by then I think I might drop sprint all together!
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    I've had my phone for quite a while, and I haven't been able to connect to Vision all day, even in an area where I normally have a strong signal.

    I'd call tech support, but I've pretty much lost my voice due to the nasty cold that going around.

    I just finished posting this message, and my Treo 600 finally connected to Vision.
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    Talked to Sprint today concerning Vision problems. How many have been getting the ERROR 67 all week? when trying to connect. I have been in contact with tech supprot everyday this week trying to get it resolved.

    To make a long story short, apparently it was a nationwide problem and tonight(Saturday Night) I was told at 11:30 pm eastern(or around that ballpark) that a "string" is going to be pushed to vision phones to fix the problems

    If you were having this problem be sure to leave your phone on tonight so that it will recieve the fix.

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    My phone is finally working! They reporgrammed my phone and gave me a new number.
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    My Vision is finally working!! After reading numerous posts here and on other boards, I found people have been calling Vision tech support to manually program their phones for Vision use. I did this (took almost 45 minutes on hold but the tech I got was great). Here is a breakdown of what we did (try at your own risk). This should solve the Error 67 problem that we have all been having

    - from the phone menu press ##3282 and dial...this will bring you
    into data menu.

    - tap modify and it should ask you for a Master Subsidy Lock..
    enter 728249 (i asked her to repeat it and said I was
    writing it down and she said it was something I was not
    supposed to have so hopefully this code is the same for
    all Treo 600's on Sprint)

    - make sure your user name is the same as on your account
    on the sprint pcs website

    - make sure your password is the same as on your account in
    the sprint pcs website

    - hit OK and you should be good to go

    Hope this works for anyone who trys it. After i did the above steps I was immediately able to use Vision. Good Luck!
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