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    I want to buy a new Treo 600, but would appreciate some advice of which service is best given that there are different versions depending on whether or not you go with a GSM provider.

    Here’s my situation.

    1. I use my phone mostly in New York City and all over Connecticut, New York State, Massachusetts, and New Jersey.

    2. When I do travel I tend to be in major cities like Dallas, San Francisco (and all up and down the coast between San Francisco and San Jose), Chicago, Atlanta, Seattle, DC, Houston, etc.

    I am intrigued by the idea of GSM given that this will also give me the ability to use the phone overseas. From what I understand both Sprint and the GSM providers all work best in major cities. This is evident when I look at the coverage maps. I also understand Sprint version of the Treo 600 is all digital, which will limit my ability to roam.

    So, what’s the best service for me?

    Which coverage in general is more extensive Sprint, Cingular, or T-Mobile?
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    IMO I believe the coverage will depend on the specific area. There are areas in Virginia in which I get no signal at all with Sprint, however, I can roam all over Puerto Rico with a good signal most of the time. I would try to find out about the areas in which you travel the most.

    For DC I can tell you that Sprint's coverage is pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good. There will be times that you will find yourself with your head against the window in one of these old bldgs down here (or it could just be the Secret Service or NSA messing with your signal.

    I've had great signal when traveling between Virginia and NY. I drove from Virginia to New Hampshire couple of weeks ago and I always had a signal when I wanted to make a call. I didn't keep "track" of it of where I had or didn't have a signal, however, I do recall roaming in the Northern Maryland/Delaware area, near NY, in the mountain area of Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.

    Hopefully someone with GSM can provide some input.

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    TMobile is by far the worst in the DC area. Have had their phones for a year and cant wait to drop them and flee back to Verizon or Sprint. Verizon is just bulletproof in this area.

    I live in Arlington and also drove to NH for the holidays. Had terrible coverage the whole way. Put TMobile last on your list.

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