Sprint's Business Connection Personal Edition is a small proxy server which exposes an "internal" mailbox via SSL through a firewall to the "outside" world where a treo600 can get at it. It seems to export up to three mailboxes via one instance of the proxy.

But I have a different problem. I have an IMAP mailbox at work and an IMAP mailbox at home, both behind firewalls. I can't run one proxy instance that sees both mailboxes since they're both away from the net on separate, private, firewalled subnets. I'd need to run two proxies in order to see both
and that doesn't seem to be documented anywhere.

I want to know if it is possible to get at both mailboxes via two Business Connection proxies using one Business Connection ID and password. Does anyone know if this is possible? And if so, how to do it? I'm betting its not possible (not exactly a common occurrence), but if anyone can put the idea to rest, I'd appreciate it.