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    Hell for five days, continually resetting counter, then blah blah blah..

    I was stuck in Limbo. Each company was saying it was in the other company's hands. Every time I'd call sprint they'd "verify" my address. Each time it was wrong. It was my address from 4 years ago, when I was a sprint customer. Each time they'd change it, and each time it would go back. I had a strong suspicion that this was the problem.

    Earlier today, I got a Sprint rep to admit that it was the 3rd party software (number port software) and he said he'd call back when he got someone in that department. He never did.

    Tonight, I called again got routed to the Sprint PRC (portability R? Call Center.) I actually got the dial in number: It's 866-853-4446.

    It was after 6pm so the call was routed through Bangalore. (Yee hah.) I explained my problem to the first (English 3/10) rep, who read me the standard canned response. I tried to explain the situation to no avail. I asked for a supervisor. She was more soothing and polite (english 6/10) I insisted that she take care of the problem and I would wait as long as necessary to get it resolved. She took down my name and number to call me back "should we get disconnected." After 90 minutes on this call (I **** you not) we were disconnected. No call back. No surprise.

    I call Bangalore back with a vengence. 20 minutes to talk to a rep, (English 2/10) and I lay into him. Hard. Poor guy. I insist on speaking to someone in America. He transfered me to his supervisor, "Jake" (English 8/10) who claimed he lived in America, but was there for training. (He was the "trainer") I gave him the short story, and he was really nice, admitted they had "a different system" there, and said he'd "elevate to tier 2" (In America) He had a 3rd rep stay on the line with me until they answered. 40 minutes later....

    A technically proficient American speaking American. Hector. I told him the whole story from the beginning.

    I said "It's all up to you Hector. If you get this working by Midnight, you'll be the guy who saved my service, scored sprint at least $2400, and I'll write you a letter of citation-- if you fail me, you'll be the person who cost Sprint my two lines of service. I'm willing to wait to do whatever it takes." He tried to blame TMobile, like everyone else (His system said he was waiting for a response, so I insisted he call TMobile while I waited.)

    Eventually, he called T Mobile and his IT people, and they nailed the problem. I spent over an hour additionally on hold with no response from him, but when he came back, he said all the problems are fixed. We re-activated my phone (for ported phones the MSID is DIFFERENT than the phone ID. Much of the literature given to activation reps is wrong here. I have a sneaking suspicion I could call the MSID and my phone would ring)

    By the time he hung up, my phone was activated on the network, and I could dial out and make calls. He said it should be ringing within two hours, or definitely by morning, and I actually believe him. In any case, vision works, and I can send and recieve picture mail.

    So, be vigilant, and insist on waiting while they figure it out. If they cant, ask for escalation. "Tier two" eventually worked for me. I hope for your sake you get Hector!

    In any case, it cost me 7 hours on hold today, but it's almost done.

    TMo>Sprint should take less than 4 hours. If it doesn't, you have a problem, and there's probably not anybody too concerned about fixing it!!!
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    Lets hope I dont spend all day saturday doing the same thing for Verizon -> Sprint.
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    I switched from Verizon to Sprint yesterday (Dec 3). I was given a December 6th by 2pm CST port deadline. I'll report back if it comes and goes without working.
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    I also switched from Verizon to Sprint on Dec. 2. Port should be complete by Dec. 6. I just posted question so I'll ask here to..should I be able to make outbound calls on the Sprint phone while the port is in progress. The Sprint rep at Best Buy as well as a Sprint CSR sd I should be another CSR sd I would not be able to. I'm confused!

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