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    Darn T600! I used to only use my treo for data, but I like this T600 so much that it's the only phone that I'm carrying now. The problem is that when I signed up, I signed up for the 300 minutes for $29.99 plus $10 for unlimited data.

    Now, I need more minutes, but it looks like I may have to pay more for some things. I'm no longer under a contract so I'm free to change, but it looks like the unlimited data is $15 now, and if I don't agree to a new contract, their website says that they'll charge me an additional $10/month. That means that I'm going to have to pay $15/month if I make ANY change, plus the difference in the plan that I upgrade to and the one that I currently have. The one that I currently have is now $35/month; so, that's another $5/mo. That means $20/mo more.

    Am I reading all of this right? If I need more minutes, do I really have to pay that much extra? Is there a better way to do it?
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    The usual "get a good plan" tactic seems to be calling Sprint and sort of just chatting (not arguing) with the customer service representative person. Sprint, in theory, will bend over backwards to keep you as a customer, even if that means they're going to want you to sign a new contract. If you don't like how the conversation with one CS robot is going, bail on that one, call back and try with a new robot. (By "robot" I mean, of course, "person.")

    Basically, you'll have to spend some of your free time chatting with Sprint folks on the phone, but remember -- you have the upper hand here. Just stay cool and you should be able to get a deal that you find satisfying.

    Go get 'em.

    P.S. You should probably be able to keep your $10 unlimited Internet option -- people who have been "grandfathered in" seem to have been able to stick with that price.
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    thank you for the great information. I will give them a call... or two.
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    Here's a copy of the letter I posted a short while ago on the Sprint and Verizon Forum from TreoCentral, which may be of help to you. Like one of the other members suggested, shop around for the right customer rep. Also, keep in mind that you have the upper hand because you want to upgrade to a plan with more minutes. What's more, I think you'll have to agree to either a 1 or 2 year contract in order to get the benefits you want.

    Here's my earlier post:
    I made a satisfying deal with Sprint today. The old plan I had included the following:
    -400 anytime minutes for $40 a month
    -shared-minutes second phone for $20.
    -free pcs to pcs minutes for both phones
    -$10 / month Vision on both phones.
    -I had 11 months left of a 2 year contract on one phone, and contract-free on other.

    By agreeing to a new 2 year contract on both phones, I got the following on my new plan:
    -500 anytimes for an additional
    -Free nights/weekends after 7pm
    instead of old plans 9pm.
    -Vision for the same $10/month.
    -Free pcs to pcs minutes.
    -shared-minutes 2nd phone still $20/mon.
    -also, got customer rep to forgive a $6
    late charge.

    I'm very happy with this deal I was able to get simply by asking what could they do for me. This customer rep was a pleasure to deal with, which is a hit or miss thing. Today I got a good one.
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    I ended up upgrading to a much larger plan. I decided to not only upgrade my plan, but to also move my wife's plan to Sprint. By combining the two accounts I get more minutes for about the same money.

    I got 2000 Any time minutes shared
    Unlimited PCS to PCS
    Unlimited 7:00 N&W
    Vision on Both Phones


    That's a little more than I wanted to spend, but once I hit that 2000 minutes for $100, they threw in a lot of stuff for no extra charge. (I had to pay $5/mo for roaming.)

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