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    I have waited 9 days for AT&T to port 2 numbers to SPRINT.

    Still has not happened.

    You have no idea how unhelpful people can be until you try to deal with AT&T when you are making a choice to go elsewhere.

    I have filed a formal complaint with the FCC,

    I am investigating the possibility of a class action suit against AT&T as the FCC had informed me of the fact that AT&T the most complaints against them in porting.

    They will never learn, they are the giant so they think they can just step on you. No wonder they have the most people leaving.
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    Don't recall where I read it, but it seems all the other carriers elected to use the same third-party intermediary for portability-- except AT&T. Small wonder that after one week of switching/portability, various reports confirm that AT&T is the biggest loser in terms of net customers lost.

    So, smile internally. Looks like these chickens WILL be coming home to roost. Keep your eyes open for the 2003 Q4 reports, which will appear in late January. Gotta love karma, eh?

    BTW, **brilliant** of you to file a formal complaint with the feds. THAT's the step which will ultimately help us all!!

    Found the article:
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