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    Tier 2 Tech Support @ Sprint this evening told me that 2-way SMS will come out on January 22nd. Although he did say it was SUPPOSED to be out in November, and 1/22 was the "latest" date he heard. We'll see....
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    I won't hold my breath, but I will cross my fingers
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    me too
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    will there be real SMS on older phones without having to web browse to get messages? I needed to switch to sprint for coverage reasons & the treos are bacordered for a long time so I needed to purchase a sanyo phone. I find the need to log into the web to send & retrieve SMS ridiculous & takes away from the convenience & immediacy of the thing.
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    Older phones won't be upgraded for SMS. Right now the only Sprint phones that support SMS are the Treo 600, Sanyo 5500 (VM4500), Nokia 3588i, and Samsung VI660. New phones coming out from now on should also be SMS capable.
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