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    I saw on the Sprint PCS website today that if you have 2000 minutes or more, you get Add-A-Phone for free!

    So I called *2, and true to thier word, I was on hold for 15 minutes. The CSR said that it was true and will be going on for some time.

    Near as I can tell, this is a $20/mo savings if you need or want this service. I was thinking about getting this for my daughter before, but really wasn't sure it was worth the $20/mo, now ... it's a no brainer!

    There aren't many details on the website and it seems that you have to call to get any info that makes sense.
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    umm... I've had one free add-a-phone for over a year already! I got it from a special promotion they had a year ago and apparently they're rolling it out again for the holiday season. It's definitely a good deal. However, what you should really try to do is get a 2ND add-a-phone dscounted as well. I got the third phone for only $10/month btw! Try calling retention...YMMV...
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    Hey Thanks!

    I had just signed up last week for 2000 minutes with the add-a phone, so I called them up today and verified that they have that promotion going on now and I can still receive that promotion.

    thanks much !!!

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