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    Just returned my Treo 600 and am not happy about it. I loved the phone and its features.

    However, after over 20 hours trying to get PCS mail to work, I just gave up. Here is the problem:

    (1) Go to the Sprint homepage on the Treo 600
    (2) Got to PCS mail
    (3) See the messages
    (4) Try to download the messages and get sent to a password screen.
    (5) Enter the password and return to PCS mail
    (6) Try to download the mail and it sends me right back to the password screen.

    The "fix" was to do a hard reset and also have Sprint reset all of my information in their server. Then it would work ONCE! After using it one time and turning the phone off, the same problem would reappear.

    To their credit, Sprint was very patient with me. But their suggestion that I purchase third party software to get the e-mail working just did not seem right. After all, I'm already paying for the service, SMS does not work, and I could not get the e-mail attachments off the web site. I basically want Sprint PCS mail to work.

    Any thoughts? Any work arounds so I can get e-mails and attachments, other than using business connect and leaving my home PC always connected? I'm a pilot and need to get my e-mail while travelling.

    Also, I looked at three other TREO 600's and Sprint PCS mail does not work on any of them. Why aren't people raising heck?

    Any ideas? Does yours work? Will this work in the future?
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    just get the free handspring e-mail client.
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    There are two solutions there:
    (1) The Business Connect - problem is that I have to leave the other PC on and connected 24 / 7 which isn't appealing when I'm gone for four days, or longer.
    (2) Eudora : Problem is that I can not download attachments. And I really don't think I should have to buy a solution when Sprint has three ways to download e-mail on my Treo and none of them function without some sort of software strap on.
    Any other ideas I'm not looking at?

    I'm just curious why Sprint's software requires that I constantly supply my user name and password, then gets in a loop to where every other screen update is the user name / password screen. I really like the 600 and would go buy another if I could get past this problem and from reading the boards it appears others either have not had this problem, don't use e-mail, or have not discovered the problem yet.

    Thanks for your help.
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    Here's a link to Handspring's website where the e-mail client can be downloaded:

    I don't know whether or not it can view attachments, but it's worth a look.
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    Thanks for the links, according to the information attachments can be read.

    However, it looks like I am the only person having these password problems.

    At any rate, thanks. I'm still clueless about how to fix this password problem... if there is a fix...
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    Sprint Technical Representatives called today to discuss the problem and said a software revision is needed. They expected something would be forthcoming in the next three weeks and that Sprint stores could update the OS on the Treo.

    This revision may fix other problems with third party applications, like those using the SD slot for GPS nav.
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    Did they happen to say if it would be available online to download?
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    I got the feeling the Sprint Store would have to do the reprogramming.

    As you know, I gave up and returned my Treo. It looks like the Samsung i700 is a much better bet for my needs (GPS & PDA applications)

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