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    I got the $250 Treo Deal on Amazon, shipped in 2 days, got it yesterday (Friday) It's awesome so far, but it really doesn't do much because it's not yet on the network.

    I'm porting my t-mobile account to sprint, and was originally quoted 5 days from yesterday. It was a really short (10 minute) call, and seemed to go pretty painlessly. I called Sprint today to check the status, and was told that it had stalled about 12 hours ago. Somehow, the porting software had the wrong zip code for me, and it was just stalled there waiting for a response. Sprint, of course, hadn't tried to contact me. She corrected the zip and sent it back on its way, and said "it's really close, only 2 more steps, it should be very soon"

    If I hadn't called, it would have taken much longer.

    So, keep calling to make sure yours hasn't stalled.

    Here's hoping it arrives soon!
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    God, it kills me that you got your unit so quickly. I ordered one last week and my account had a 4-6 week ship date, so I said "screw it," canceled the order, and bought one from Best Buy.
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    It shifed almost hourly. Availability for the 600s have always been in flux. If you had just kept your order, I'm sure it would have shipped by now. This is one of the few items I've ever seen jump back and forth from "24 hours" to "out of stock" Usually items are buffered-- they jump to 3-4 days, 2 weeks, etc.. Just shows how the stock is so variable coming from sprint (and from treo first, of course.

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