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    Hey, I got an SMS today that seemed like it came from Sprint announcing Shortmail, which I guess is their version of SMS.

    Anyway my Picture Mail and SMS have crashed my Treo 5 out of 6 times, now. It seems this isn't exactly uncommon. Conrad, had a solution posted elsewhere on this board, but it didn't do it for me. Anyone got any other fixes, short of deleting 500 programs and reinstalling them one by one. That IMHO isn't a solution.
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    Bump, and yes I've done many searches on this in this forum.
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    can't really comment since it seems like you're the only one with sprint native SMS thats working.
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    hmmm, yeah it looks like I have the same old whatever Sprint has for SMS. I know no one who uses SMS on their phones (they don't have keyboards like me), so I never use SMS. So assuming old SMS, has anyone pinned down what makes picture mail crash. I've tried Conrad's solution elsewhere of making some Blazer-typerelated files read-only and someone elses method of regenerating contact by sorting the contact list. A third person said there's is related to Outlook, but I don't use that. Could everyone be having the same result from 15 small problems?
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    You got something announcing Short Mail? Short Mail is Sprint's web based messaging. That's what they have now that will eventually be phased out once SMS is released. Until that happens, you can't use SMS.

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