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    just got my new sprint phone in the mail this afternoon and activated. Only bummer is they say it will be about 5 days till the phone will work because I am having my existing tmobile number transfered. Anyone done a tranfer and did it really take this long?

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    I started the process on Tuesday and am being given a Monday morning ET of completion!! That is absurd!
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    I ported my first number over without too much incident. It started wednesday morning and was done by that night. The only issue is that I had to call them to actually enter my new number into the phone after the port was complete because, according to them, they could not enter the number until after the porting process was complete.

    The second number is currently a disaster, all started by what I believe to be is the sprint store rep entering the wrong information in the first contact. This is still ongoing though so I'll see where it ends.
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    Alright, I called on around tuesday of last week to get my number ported from Verizon, they said sure, ran through the motions, and then the rep said it would be done on the 30th.

    So I call yesterday and ask what's up. They say that its close to getting ported. I say ok. Then call back a bit later. They say that there was a problem, so we work it out because the accounts have different names, and it seems to be all good. Right now I can make calls, recieve SMS, and use the web, but I just cant recieve calls ....

    So I called sprint this morning, they're working it out they say.
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    I had 2 numbers ported over from AT&T to Sprint last tuesday. They had initially said that they would be ported in 14 hours. One of the numbers did get ported in 3 days. After calling Sprint on Saturday it turns out that AT&T had not released the second number and it would be released on Saturday afternoon. It didn't happen.
    I was rather surprised, though that Sprint did call me Saturday at 6PM to tell me that AT&T had not released the number so hopefully things will get squared away on Monday.
    I finally checked again this morning via the Sprint website and the number is scheduled to be ported in 20 hours. We'll see.

    I did expect some glitches to go on with number portability this first week so it hasn't really bugged me too much.
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    Several of us on are being told 5 days (or more) and some say it doesn't even work after that. So if yours is working within a day or 2 , consider yourself lucky, very lucky
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    I was initially told 3-14 hours also. When this did not happen, I called back and they told me it might take "days". Then they called me over the weekend and blamed the delay on technical problems on AT&T's end. I called again tonight and they are still working on it. They could not give me an ETA but said they would find out and call me back.
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    It's been one week now and my phone can dial out and access the web. However, all incoming calls go right into my voicemail.
    I've spent quite a few hours with tech support and it seems that it is still a network issue.

    So I'm still waiting... and now, I'm starting to get frustrated.
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    I have found the following during an absolute NIGHTMARE trying to port two lines for my business.

    1.) If the salesperson at your new proposed carrier does not enter all of your information EXACTLY AS IT IS from your old carriers bill, you are done. Stick a fork in yourself, its over. They will just keep sending THE SAME G.D. PORT REQUEST over and over and over and over. Each time the receiving port system says "nope-sorry" because it sees:

    "Stevens LN"
    when it is expecting
    "Stevens Ln"

    Mine got sent by sprint 19 times, and it got rejected (you guessed it) 19 G.D. times by AT&T. I found this out all by myself because I got tired of talking to the numb nuts at my SPRINT retail center. My wife says I expect too much from people. I think the human race is in decline.

    By spending 2-1/2 hours or so waiting on the phone with AT&T I was told that "incomplete data" on my port request has caused the system to deny it.

    Oh, I said, how convenient, can you tell me EXACTLY WHAT THE F INFORMATION IS THAT YOU NEED AND I WILL GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE!!!!. No Sir, I'm sorry, requests for information about you can only be made through our porting center to your current carrier. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I took a deep breath and said listen, I am begging you, can you just tell me what you need and I will make sure that SPRINT transfers the information through the proper channels. No such luck, they wouldn't tell me. This was after THREE G.D. hours on the phone. AT&T --- YOU ARE THE WORST G.D. COMPANY ON THE G.D. PLANET -- I HATE YOUR G.D. GUTS.

    My next avenue was SPRINTS porting center. At least (probably because they were getting the account) they were helpful. Turns out, the SPRINT sales person originally entered my company name as:
    AT&T's system has me as just
    Additionally, the knucklehead at SPRINT put my SS# where my AT&T account number was supposed to be on the application to port. So, because of left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing, I sit and rot for (so far) 10 G.D. days waiting like a dumb a** for this stuff to correct itself.

    I got some news for you. If your port isn't going through in a few hours, and its FROM AT&T, you better find out what information is wrong and get it corrected YOURSELF or these retards will send your SAME PORT REQUEST THROUGH 19 G.D. times.

    2.) MAKE A STINK. If you make a point of the fact that this stuff is causing a huge inconvenience to you they will offer to compensate you for it. Its not worth all the nonsense you go through but its better than nothing.

    If my port goes through on the 6th (which remains to be seen), it will be 13 days. If I offended anyone with my ranting, I am sorry. But this has been an absolute nightmare. A nightmare made 100 times worse by the WORST G.D. CSR'S in the world at AT&T. I hope they lose every G.D. wireless account.
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    I am now at 13 days and waiting. On the SprintPCS site, it says that my "anticipated port day" is now tomorrow (Sat).

    If this does not happen by then, I am going to call Sprint with my AT&T bill in front of me and review my info field by field based on your advice (which was very helpful!)......
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    My second number finally got ported over from AT&T after 7 days. We must have been really lucky with our first number to get fully ported in 3 days.
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    Mine finally came through this morning! Everything seems to be working. Except now I see why everyone is so frustrated with not having SMS capabilities...the other messaging options are nothing to write home about.
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    Just tried my number, and it appears I have a successful port form Verizon to Sprint. It only took a week (Argh) but it all seemed to work out in the end.
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    Thats NOTHING compared to what I went through:

    Consider yourselves lucky, heres my story (note my phone still isn't working to this day).

    This is from a previous thread I started but all my posts over the past week since the thread has been active were scattered, im recompiling all the info i've writen over the time in hopes that I can find someone who can help me soon. I posted once each day after I called Sprint.

    post 1:
    Its been an entire week since i've first started to try to activate my phone. I recieved my phone from Handspring (after a month wait) on nov 17th., a Treo 600. I waited 6 grueling days till the 24th so I can get my Cingular number ported over to Sprint. Ok the 24h rolls around and I call Sprint at 11am, I get this lady who doesn't seem to understand english very well, hard of hearing and seems to be her first day at the job. After an hour and a half of repeating everything I say to her and correcting her over and over I finally get my phone activated and she says 10 hours and my number will be ported over and everything will be ready to use.

    Okay, 10 hours sounds a bit steep, but fine I can live with that, i'm finally going to be able to use my Treo! 10 hours later, nothing. I call back the next day and the person tells me I have to wait 5 days from the time I called. 5 days? My Cingular cycle starts again on the 26th, I don't want to pay a full months of Cingular bill for 3 days worth of phone service while I wait for the number port to go through. So I try to cancel the number port and just settle with a new number instead. Sprint tells me that my number is in the "pending" stage and they can't touch it, try calling Cingular instead. I call up Cingular and explain my situation and how I wish to cancel the port, they can't touch it either, but looking into my account they discover that my number isn't in the top100 so it can't be ported in the first place, something Sprint failed to tell me. If I knew ahead of time I would have just activated my account on the 17th!

    I called Sprint back and tell them what I discovered from Cingular, they tell me that Cingular was lying to me and they were just trying to keep me as a customer. They assured me that my account had nothing wrong with it and it was going to get processed fine. Nothing was wrong and everything was fine and dandy, just wait till the end of 5 days.

    Well since I was stuck with the number port now, I call up Cingular again and ask for a prorate for the 3 days that my phone will still be active while waiting for the port and they agree, sorta. They tell me to call them up when the bill arrives and they'll deduct the amount. Anyway I wait 5 days and my phone STILL is not working, so I call Sprint up and they tell me to wait till tomorrow afternoon and it'll be ready. I complain that I have been without a phone for the last week and that I was supposed to have my service up and running 5 days go, they offer me some compensation to be discussed later. Okay, cool compensation, that sounds good, I guess it'll make everything worthwhile.

    So today my phone still is not working, I call them up in the evening telling them that my phone is still not working and they tell me once again to wait till tomorrow afternoon. At this point i'm completely frustrated and ask to talk to the number port CRS directly instead of using a proxy (and getting put on hold over and over). I get transfered to the number port rep and tell him my situation. He tells me my number has been canceled since the 25th.


    Then he proceeds to tell me that I have to wait another 5 days because the number was canceled and they have to reinstate it into the system and put me on the bottom of the list. At this point I didn't give a sh*t about which number I got and since my number port was canceled I'll just settle for a new number instead. He says that that will take 5 days for any number to port in. I asked him again to make sure he understood what I was saying, I didn't want ANY numbers ported from ANYWHERE, not any carriers, I just wanted a new number created by SPRINT, and he replied, 5 days. I didn't believe what I just heard, so after nearly going berserk on the poor rep, he went and checked the system again, came back and apologized for misinforming me. He tells me that my number was canceled outside of the system (by some higher power? huh?) and he couldn't activate a new account for me unless I get a new phone. I explain to him ITS A FREAKING TREO 600. I am NOT going to get another one of these for at least another month, all the stores are out and all the websites are backordered till Jan 2. So he goes off and checks something again and tells me that my account will be cleared in 8-12 hours and to call back after that to set up a new account. ARGH, ok I asked about the compensation that I would be getting for all this trouble and frustration i've been dealing with, and he tells me i'll get 10 courtesy minutes on my account. WOOPDIEEDO! 10 freaking minutes for an entire week of not having a phone and having to spend hours each day talking to CSRs? He then tells me that I can discuss compensation terms tomorrow.

    At this point I just hung up and decided not to give myself more ulcers until tomorrow. I was considering opening another line with Sprint because my dad wanted a new cellphone provider, but after this nightmare, I don't want to deal with Sprint customer service again. Ever.

    post 2:
    Ok heres the update for today.

    Called Sprint at 10am, went on hold, talked for an 2 hours while driving to school using my Treo 600 (by dialing *2). Got transfered over and over, got to school and talked to someone who told me that they will fix my account and get it so the port process stops. She tells me to call back in about an hour and they'll get my account set up.

    I call back an hour later and I get a clueless guy and I had to explain the situation to him. Had a hard time understanding his broken english and he gave me this "FSN" (ESN?) number and started setting up a plan for me. Not sure what the number was for because I couldn't understand him, why do I always get the ones that I can't understand? Its why my activation is all messed up in the first place. After explaining the exact options I wanted (300 mins, PCS Professional Vision pack and Insurance), and correcting him multiple times (he didn't know what a Professional vision pack was.), and after an hour of talking to him on the phone I tell him, "Just look on my existing account and you'll see what plan options I want."

    He tells me, "What other line?" ARGHHHH!!! I thought I clearly explained the entire situation, but apperantly he was just saying "Yes. Yes. Yes" as a reflex or something instead of listening to what I was saying, and then he transfers me. At this point my phone runs out of batteries right when I get home and I plug it into my charger (which disconnected my call for some reason).

    At this point I decide to call MTA guy in these forums that left me his number in the PM. I get a voicemail, I called about 4 times between 4 and 5. I just said screw it and drove to the sprint store in the next city.

    It was pretty packed and for anyone whos looking for a Treo 600, they just got two in, one got sold on the spot (thanks to me, wheres my commision? :P) so theres still one at the store! The store is located in West Covina. Anyway the guy told me he'll open a new account for me and to use the red phone to call Customer Service. After a bit of waiting I was talking to the CSR, finally I got someone who gave a S**T. She got through to the Portting people, as usual the story is my account is limbo and couldn't be touched, so she made them keep her on the line until it was resolved. Very cool.

    She got to level 2 of the porting people and talked to the supervisor. He tells her that the systems are not up to the task of canceling the port process at this time and will be done tomorrow. So I have to call in tomorrow (sounds like the same old story) and check, but this CSR told me that she'll personally make sure that it gets canceled and will give me a call on my land line tomorrow to check up. Or rather leave a message because we don't use the landline except for outgoing calls.

    But like the day before, and the day before that and the day before that, i'm still stuck with my phone not working. 7 days and counting...

    Heres today's installment:

    Alright I called Sprint AGAIN today, its like a daily routine to me now, and asked about my account. The lady yesterday told me that she'll make sure it gets fixed today, so I asked the rep if my account was fixed yet. Still pending. The same status it has been for the last 7 days. He then put me on hold to investigate this, an hour later he comes back and tells me that the person who originally made the cancel on the port made a mistake and they are NOW getting to fix it and I should call back in 48 hours to activate my phone. Still sounds like the same thing ive been hearing for the last 8 days, eitherway, my phone still is not working. At least the rep decided to waive the $35 activation fee, at least its better than the slap in the face insult offer of 10 courtesy minutes. I only managed to spend an hour on the phone with Sprint today, thats a new record for me considering the last 8 days i've been spending 2-4 hours a day, mostly being on hold.

    I'm going to give MTA a call tomorrow and see if we can get this resolved sooner, before my head explodes, along with my Treo 600.

    (continued next post)
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    Okay it is now two days later and im calling as they told me, as of now I am on hold trying to get to tier 2 service, first thing they tell me is my "account is still pending". Well I see after ALL this my account has gone NOWHERE at all. After 30 mins of being on hold the rep comes back and tells me that the tier 2 service isnt picking up and that she'll leave a note on my account, I tell her that if you leave a note nothing will happen, because everytime I call in over the last 11 days I log at least 2 hours a day talking to a rep or being on hold and I know what happens if you leave a note. I told her to try to reach the tier 2 again and now im once again on hold. I recieved my phone 16 days ago so the Sprint stores won't allow me to replace my phone for a new ESN. This is so frustrating, I seriously expected my phone to be working nearly two weeks ago and now i've invested so much time calling Sprint. Everytime I call in they make it seem like i'm making progress, but in reality I have gone back to square one.

    Ok I got to tier 2 port support again and this time they tell me: "Your cancelation is ready to be fulfilled, all we are waiting on now is for Cingular to send a cancelation confirmation. You should call Cingular to speed up this process". Ok it seems like we are finally getting somewhere, I call Cingular up and ask them about it, they tell me that no port requests were EVER sent to Cingular, so I spend 2 hours on the phone with the rep trying to reach Sprint in a 3 way, we finally get through to the Sprint rep and the Cingular rep hangs up. ARGHHH. After explaining the problem for the 100th time I get transfered to the number port dept so I can explain it again for the 101th time. As usual that didn't get me anywhere so I asked to be transfered to tier 2 port, explaining my story AGAIN, and having the guy not understand me and completely missing the point I was trying to make, I asked to be transfered to somewhere higher. I didn't even think a tier 3 port center existed but I got a tier 3 technician. This guy looked at my file and told me exactly what the problem was, and told me all the little details about the porting system. Apperantly this is how the system works, there are two computers that tell eachother information, if the information is a match then the port happens, if not then the account gets canceled. There is also a 3rd computer, that sits inbetween the two, that computer is the referee computer and makes sure everything goes smoothly. My number was stuck in the 3rd computer and someone needs to go in there and get it fixed, so the guys wrote me up a trouble ticket so a technician can get to it on hands on basis. They tell me that my number COULD be transfered and to just wait it out. I told them that I don't really care anymore and to do whichever is faster, open me a new account or transfer my number. After writing me a trouble ticket I am stuck once again with the empty filling of knowing that tomorrow I will probably be stuck with the same exact problem i've had for the last 11 days, no working number. I set another personal record for myself today, 5 hours on the phone today trying desperately to get this fixed.

    Grrr 14 days and my phone still isnt working. The reps tell me its AT&T is backlogging all the systems for all the carriers and all I can do is wait. I wish I could just get a new ESN, but its been over 14 days for the Sprint exchange, would a handspring exchange work? If so how long would it take for me to recieve my phone?
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    I guess I should be thanking my lucky stars I wantered into a Verizon store rather than AT&T last year....
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    Originally posted by Voidus
    * snip - worst customer service story in the history of mankind *
    Wow. I just signed up last night and I'm having my home number ported on to my new T600. I was told 14 days is the average wait time...
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    Two days from the original call. Got the Treo Tuesday - it is active with my old number this morning. This is a Sprint Treo, BTW, so the "worst customer service ever" claim is a personal one, I guess...

    I've found Cingular to be just as bad as any I've dealt with. And you don't even wanna KNOW how bad Cingular is to deal with on a B2B level.
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    Originally posted by Gambit_727

    Wow. I just signed up last night and I'm having my home number ported on to my new T600. I was told 14 days is the average wait time...
    Porting a land line???

    I have to ask, what are you going to do with all the telemarketers? Currently they are not allowed to call cell phones (something about spamming fax machines back in the 80s ) but your land line is not in one of those blocks set aside for cell phones.

    btw, the land-line port was being held up in court; probably the reason for the extra long delay.
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    Ordered second phone from amazon last thursday.
    Received phone on Tuesday.
    Number ported from Cingular and phone fully functional today (thursday).

    7 days from order to functional phone with number port.

    It did help that primary line on Sprint account was a Treo through the Handspring upgrade program.

    Those activations went through a "bussiness" department. As a result all of my CS requests must go back to them. They appear to be much better than the average Sprint CSR.
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