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    I went in to Sprint on Wed. 12/10 for a port from Cingular and they originally quoted Mon 12/15, but the system then changed it to Sat. 12/13. It went through almost at the exact time their site said it would.

    Everything set up fine, no problems, PCS Vision works great - getting around 145k. I'm in upstate NY.
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    I got my treo 600 at Best Buy on Tue, Dec 16 around 7pm.
    The number was ported from Verizon by 9pm!!! It took only 2 hours! Wow!! I can't believe how fast it was done. After hearing some people waiting for days... I was really suprised.
    By the way, this is the best phone I had to this date!! I love it!!
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    Well, we're going on nearly two weeks now...

    Just to be fair, my Treo 600 was working when I walked out of the store. This trouble is with taking our second home wired line to my wife's new PCS phone. Clearly, this whole number portability thing is a real mess, at least in our experience.

    Sprint messed up, transferred our SBC land line to a Sprint wired line instead of a wireless line, so now Sprint wireless is stuck waiting for SBC to release a line that they don't have anymore.

    We've spent nearly 25 hours on the phone with various level 2 customer support folks trying to resolve this. After a week, after talking to the Sprint rep who started us down this hellish path, it was decided that the best way to handle this was to completely cancel the port, even though Sprint already has the land line, wait for the port to "clear out of the system", and then restart the transfer. Maybe she'll have service in a week. For our trouble the rep is giving us 1/2 off our next month's bill.

    What amazes me is how generally helpful and friendly all the Sprint reps we've talked to have been, but they seem quite powerless to actually do anything, keep sending up higher and higher up the support chain, and eventually, we get put on hold for an hour or cut off. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm really happy with the actually Sprint phone system and Vision services, we'd have returned the phones days ago.

    I'm not looking forward to dealing with any billing issues, and if they charge us for the landline we didn't order, someone is going to have a very bad day...

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