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    First off I brought a brand new treo 600 when the first came out. I love the phone but the speaker in the back went faulty. I held out as long as I could by not using it but I knew it would have to be returned for a new unit. I call up sprint and they told that that I could not go into any sprint store and have it replaced that I would have to get a return kit.

    So thats what I did. The return kit was sent to my house and my phone was sent out last tuesday the 18th. Here it is the 27 and I still have no phone plus sprint disabled my account so now i dont even have voicemail. What should I do. I called sprint several times all i get is the run around.

    No I have no clue wheres my phone is . Sprint told me they havnt recieved it yet. I misplaced the tracking # and I miss my treo 600 what should I do.
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    Somewhere there's a Sprint operator *****ing about a customer who keeps calling and wanting to know what happened to his $600.00 phone BUT LOST HIS TRACKING NUMBER!!!!!!!! Smooooooooth.
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    yes it was badd on my part to lose my tracking. But i figured 2-day air sprint would have recieved it already. This is just getting crazy.
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    Sprint won't refund nor send you a new phone until your old one "shows up in their warehouse by ESN number." In other words, you wait on these folks in the warehouse to get around to scanning in your phone. Not just receiving the package, but actually scanning it back into inventory. Until that happens, you're stuck. It could take 2-3 weeks for them to actually show that it is back in their system. I had this problem for over 1 month (UPS lost it at first)...they wouldn't credit my account even after it was delivered to the warehouse (for reasons above), I was charged late fees, etc. Finally called their business support line, went through 2 of their USELESS people, and finally got a guy I've spoke with before who removed everything in 5 minutes.

    Oh, also had a Sprint customer service person do the following when I asked for a supervisor after she told me I would be paying for the late fees:

    Me: "I'm not paying the late fees. Let me speak to your supervisor."
    SPCS Rep: "Why"
    Me: "Because you are not helping me..."
    SPCS Rep: "Sir, I am going to put you on hold for 2 minutes so you will calm down."


    So, bottom line, good luck. Unless you get somebody who knows what customer service is, you're doomed... You should also contact UPS (that's who Sprint uses for returning phones). Did you drop it off at a store or in a UPS drop-box? One lesson, ALWAYS go to the UPS store to send it back. They'll have a record of scanning it there with your name...

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    go over to the Howard Forum site (do you know that one? - it's another large forum discussion, and it covers all sorts of providers, phones, etc - I think the website is - ) and there's a guy who posts in the Sprint forums called 'cruznis300' or something l8
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    I went to the store where it was scanned. And they have no record of it. Only because its an ARS or something like that. Being that sprint prepays everthing. They dont record it. Thats what they told me at staples.
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    well some of my post was truncated - maybe cuz I'm on the mobile version? Bottom line - send a PM to the cruznis300 person. He WILL do whatever he can to help. He works for sprint and has helped out tons of folks. Good person.
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    This is a PERFECT example of why NOT to buy the phone from Sprint. ALWAYS get it from a third party vendor like BB and get the Extra stuff.

    You would have walked in and walked out with a working phone. Sometimes it is worth the few extra bucks for the extended warrenty this being one of those times.

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