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    when I first heard about this promo b4 it was even advertised, i called to verify it. they said that if i sign 2 year contract i can have night time minutes start @ 7pm with NO additional charge. i said you sure NO additional charge? they said yes. well i waited till after the 24th to see if any new deals were coming out. so i called today to add 7p night time & now they say it will cost me $5 per month. she said it was never free!! i HATE these flippin greedy morons!!!! anyone able to get their 7p night time minutes without paying $5 per month?
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    Tell them you will switch carrier if they don't give it to you. That might work
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    with a contract extention BUT you lose free PCS to PCS if you already have that for signing a 2 year deal.

    In other words you can have the free 7pm deal or free PCS to PCS deal but not both. Both are usually $5 extra per month unless you sign a 2 year deal.

    I double checked and there ARE plans out there with the 7pm for "free" but you always lose something else, like nationwide long distance (replaced by "home area" long distance)
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    I made a satisfying deal with Sprint today. The old plan I had included the following:
    -400 anytime minutes for $40 a month
    -shared-minutes second phone for $20.
    -free pcs to pcs minutes for both phones
    -$10 / month Vision on both phones.
    -I had 11 months left of a 2 year contract on one phone, and contract-free on other.

    By agreeing to a new 2 year contract on both phones, I got the following on my new plan:
    -500 anytimes for an additional
    -Free nights/weekends after 7pm
    instead of old plans 9pm.
    -Vision for the same $10/month.
    -Free pcs to pcs minutes.
    -shared-minutes 2nd phone still $20/mon.
    -also, got customer rep to forgive a $6
    late charge.

    I'm very happy with this deal I was able to get simply by asking what could they do for me. This customer rep was a pleasure to deal with, which is a hit or miss thing. Today I got a good one.

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